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Following Order 66 and the establishing of the Imperial Empire, the galaxy has rapidly become a place of darkness as the grip of the Empire tightens. Although it has only been a matter of months since the Clone Wars came to an end, and the Jedi Order was branded as traitors and all but wiped out, the Empire has expanded quickly. Already new recruits are being trained as Imperial Stormtroopers, often by the ageing Clone Troopers they are destined to replace.

Fleeing from the Empire, a motley collection of ‘criminals’ have been brought together by fate and a shared distrust of the Empire’s doctrines. Escaping from Order 66, a court-martial, and corrupt politics in the newly formed Imperial Senate, these wanted men sought shelter from their enemies.

A chance encounter with Imperial Informants and Stormtroopers sent these heroes scurrying from Coruscant, smuggled on-board a cargo ship bound for the Rim. The ship arrived at the orbiting station above the planet Brentaal for refuelling, but someone on board informed the local troops of the criminals aboard, forcing these heroes from the ship and into the corridors of the station; narrowly avoiding the search-party sent to investigate.

A few weeks have passed, and during that time the four heroes have found work at a mechanics shop in the bowels of the station, enough work to live on but not enough to earn passage off the station. The owner of the shop, a human sympathiser with no love for the Empire, Maya by name, has taken the heroes in despite their criminal status. She knows who they are and they trust her, just enough to make life bearable.

Then one night, while relaxing in the cantina on the lower levels, their lives change as fate chooses them for something greater than hiding from the Empire.

Star Wars: Dawn of Defiance

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