Star Wars: Dawn of Defiance

Episode Eight: Session Three

The Lady & the Trandoshan

At the next carriage, the dining car, the heroes make plans. They can see the mercenaries guarding hostages, but Riddick has a plan: using Force Haze he’ll make the hostages turn invisible, causing enough confusion to burst into the carriage and take the mercenaries by surprise.

This works like a charm and the heroes burst in, blasters firing, injuring the boarding party and the marauder with his huge axe. Then the boarding party falls to sustained fire, the marauder is flung into the wall by the Jedi’s Move Object, and more bolts of energy fly across the room, narrowly missing the concealed hostages.

With a powerful sweep of his lightsabre, Riddick decapitates the marauder, leaving Tracer and Valdor to pour blaster fire into the mercenary in the corner; while the Droid of Doom sprays the room with fire, making the sergeant at the back of the room duck behind a table.

The rest of the fight goes quickly and in the heroes favour: they finish off the mercenaries, taking minimal damage themselves. They are invincible, it seems.

After sending the hostages back to the club carriage with the rest, the heroes advance: but before they do so, the train rocks as two fighters sweep out of the sky and tear the next carriage open. Peering through the windows the heroes see that the carriage is threatening to break loose, and will tip the train in the process, plummeting them all a good 100 metres to the ground. They need to uncouple the carriages, while avoiding the strafing fighters and another boarding party that is guarding the connection to the control car, where they believe Lady Alya Aldrete is being held by the leader of the mercenaries.

They disengage the couplers from inside, then head onto the burning carriage. While the Droid of Doom and Tracer blast away at the boarding party, Valdor and Riddick disengage the remaining couplers, and save the train; the carriages behind them, with all the guests, is free and safe.

Meanwhile, the two fighters swoop down and open fire. Most shots miss, but one lucky hit catches Tracer in the chest, and he is wounded. Only his armour prevents him from dying.

Then combined fire from everyone quickly destroys the two fighters, and Valdor heals the wounds Tracer has taken.

On to the control cabin next, where the merc leader surprises them and further injuries Tracer. They notice that the engine is overloading, and in about a minute the train will explode. The Lady is being used as a shield, but a quick focus of the Force allows Riddick to teleport her away. The merc leader heads to the roof, quickly followed by the others. They make short work of him, with the final shot that takes him down going to Valdor.

Moments before the train explodes, the merc’s ship rises and readies to fire: but then the Banshee flies down and blasts it to bits. The hatch opens and the heroes board, with the freed Lady.

They fly off, safe and sound. The Lady gives them the codes they need, and promises to help them get to the Deep Core.

End of Episode Eight
PCs are now Level 17


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