Star Wars: Dawn of Defiance

Episode Nine: Session One

The Search for Denia

The heroes pilot the Heart of Alderaan into the Prakith system, heading to the planet of the same name; they are posing as construction workers seeking work, and their IDs check out. They are given permission to approach and land in the city.

On route, they pick up a weak distress call and, after getting permission from the controllers on the planet, they investigate. The source is a damaged ship, piloted by a hopeless Duros called Seejo. They dock, help him fix his ship, and head back to the planet.

On their approach, they detect mynocks eating the ship’s power lines; Valdor electrifies the hull, killing most, leaving the rest to Tracer and the Droid of Doom to go space-walking to pick off the rest. They slowly head to the planet, after Valdor fixes up the ship.

Planet-side they head straight to the workers zone, and start asking questions; they need to find a way into the Inquisitors’ Citadel, which lies some distance away with a no-fly zone around it. They learn little, other than that there are mines under the ground, but none reach the Citadel. They further learn that anti-alien feelings are growing, and many believe the Empire will chuck both alien and non-alien workers off planet as soon as the military base there is completed.

They also learn that one of the local mining companies is hiring, and that Seejo might be able to get them a job there. They head off to find the Duros, only to walk right into a fight; as Seejo comes rolling down the alleyway, in a barrel, pursued by hostile Imperial agents looking for a fight.

The heroes give them a fight. In the first rounds of combat both Tracer and the Droid of Doom take two down, then Valdor lobs a Thermal Detonator and takes out several more, while Jedi Riddick deals wounds here and there. During the fight a patrol arrives, called in by the agents: these too quickly fall to the heroes combined firepower. They help Seejo flee, asking to meet up with him later to discuss a job.

Before they retire for the night, they spot an alien, a bit like a hairless wookie. They learn he is a native of the planet, living underground; where there are a network of tunnels that lead up to the foundations of the Citadel. Abandoning their plan of hiring on as miners and finding their own way, they agree to escort the alien to his people, in exchange for his help in getting them to the Citadel.

He agrees and tells them the way to the tunnels is via the Drains, which are shafts dug into the ground, where the Imperials dump their waste. Something lives down there, a pet that got out of control and ate too much. It blocks the way forward. The heroes agree to deal with it, and all hed off to the Drains in the nearby construction area.

End of Session


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