Star Wars: Dawn of Defiance

Episode Nine: Session Three

Facing the Fear

On their speeder bikes, the heroes speed through the tunnels and across the underground sea: as they do, they approach an area tainted by the Dark Side of the Force: turns out to be a tentacled moss, producing waves of fear (that the heroes ignore); it attacks them as they approach and they retaliate.

The tentacles manage to grab both Valdor and Riddick, but the Jedi phases from its grip; the Droid of Doom and Tracer blast away, burning great swathes of moss away. Soon the moss is all but destroyed, and the heroes carry on.

Soon they arrive at smaller tunnels and set off on foot, ascending ancient stairways that eventually led them out of the caverns and to the foot of the citadel. There they spy three entrances, and decide to sneak up to the one that looks like a service elevator: but as they cross the courtyard, they are picked up by various sensors and alarms sound.

From the main entrance a squad of Imperial Guards (crimson and black stormtroopers) and several dog-like guard droids move out, and combat quickly ensues.

In a matter of seconds two of the dog-droid squads are destroyed, and the Droid of Doom takes out one of the guards; Tracer spreads his fire around, injuring the others, leaving Riddick to cut down another guard and Valdor to take out the other. The Droid of Doom deals with the last guard, and the heroes rush over to the lift: there, Valdor picks the lock, and they all board and head up to the prison level.

End of Session


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