Star Wars: Dawn of Defiance

Episode Nine: Session Two

Going Underground

Herdr’tui leads the heroes to a deserted construction site, where they are spotted and ordered to halt by an Imperial Patrol led by an inquisitor. The heroes charge off and follow Herdr’tui into the shaft of the Drains, sliding down and away from the patrol before they can act.

Straight down into a pile of refuse. As they land with a splash of icky slime, switching on their torches, a swarm of tiny reptiles attack them. And out of the darkness, a giant mass of slime slithers forward and joins the fight.

Both Valdor and the Droid of Doom open fire, cutting down many of the reptiles (Dinko’s), while the Jedi knocks others down with the Force and the former clone trooper pulls out his carbine and trains his light on the approaching pile of slime.

With a series of rapid shots, Tracer takes down another swarm, while the others concentrate on the big pile of slime: deep furrows are burned out of its hide, while Riddick uses the Force to shove it back.

The mass of slime pounces on the Jedi, squashes him, but he escapes by Phasing out of the way; and then with a combination of blaster fire, the others finish off the beast.

Herdr’tui tells them it was his pet, which got out of hand and ate all the rubbish and grew large and hostile; he takes the nucleus of the beast, to reuse. Then he leads the heroes to his home, where they convince the elders to help them: in exchange for showing the heroes the way to the citadel, the elders want them to help free their people, who have been taken by the miners to use as slaves.

The heroes agree and after some digging, they break into the mines and sneak in using the Force as cover. Tracer starts the fight when he walks into some miners, who spot him: two miners and a laser=borer fall quickly, with minimum damage to the heroes. They continue on, cloaked once more, and quickly deal with the other miners and laser-borers, as well as discovering some speeder bikes that’ll prove useful. They free the slaves, disable the elevators to the surface, and are shown a secret door to a tunnel that will lead them to the citadel. All they have to do is follow it, cross a small underground ‘ocean’ and they will arrive at their destination in a matter of hours.

End of Session


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