Star Wars: Dawn of Defiance

Episode Nine: Sessions Four & Five

One Step Closer

The heroes take the elevator up into the citadel, but find their path to where they suspect Master Denia is (the prison level) takes them across two other levels, to change lifts.

First they encounter three citadel guards and an inquisitor, who barely slow them, even after suffering through several thrown grenades. The heroes hack into the controls of the next lift, which takes them up to a training level, where they rush in to find six dark side apprentices and their master, all waiting for them.

Blaster fire ricochets around the room as the heroes open fire, only to have their first shots deflected by the dark jedi. The teacher tries to slam Riddick and his allies to the ground, but is rebuked, and instead the teacher and several apprentices crash to the ground; a flurry of focused shots from Tracer and the Droid of Doom leave the teacher open to a sweeping attack by Riddick’s dual lightsabres, which cut the inquisitor down; at the back, Valdor directs his allies, inspiring them and lending them his aid. He lobs a grenade into the midst of the darksiders, wounding several. The other three heroes combine their attacks again, and another enemy falls. Then the rest follow in quick succession; but not without cost: the heroes are bruised and winded, their power packs running low. A bout of first aid and a moment to catch their breath is all they have, as they take once more to the lift and ascend, to the prison level!

They waste no time and head straight in, momentarily surprising a guard who is astonished that they have got so far: he is felled before he has a chance to sound an alarm. The heroes spread out, checking cells and finding nothing, then the Droid of Doom and Riddick turn the corner, and are spotted by a pair of guards and yet another inquisitor, who the Jedi promptly engages and tries to disarm, but is blocked. One of guards gets a lucky shot against the droid, penetrating his shields in a shower of sparks.

The others move up, Valdor pointing out one of the guards to Tracer, who shouts out, distracting them. Riddick takes advantage, using the Force to throw one guard into the other, then exchanging blows with the inquisitor; who is then shot down by multiple bursts of blaster fire from both the Droid of Doom and Tracer. The guards are again hurled into each other, and one falls. The other tries to run to a nearby lift, no doubt to fetch reinforcements, but he is gunned down before he gets there.

With the prison secure, Valdor breaks into the computer system and locates their missing Master. Turns out that Denia is in the Torture Chamber, a couple of floors up. The heroes hurry, cutting down more guards on their way with barely a pause: and enter the chamber, to find none other than Inquisitor Draco on a platform several metres above, flanked by a couple of Interrogation Droids, and Master Denia caught in an energy web, wounded and weak.

A brief exchange of words, the usual insults and retorts, followed by Riddick using the Force to lower one of the lifts, while the others open fire on the enemy: one of the droids is hit and destroyed, and both the Droid of Doom and Tracer manage to hit Draco, who fails to deflect the shots. He retaliates by throwing the former clone trooper and the battle droid into one another, but only bruises one and dents another. Then he unleashes a barrage of Force Lightning on the Droid of Doom, partially frying his circuits.

Riddick Force jumps onto the platform, but is immediately blown off by Draco using the dark side of the Force; meanwhile, Tracer blows up the other droid, and the Droid of Doom gets into position, as does Valdor, who keeps bolstering his allies morale with words of encouragement.

Calling on the Force, Riddick levitates the Droid of Doom onto the platform, in front of Draco. The droid opens fire, but Draco manages to deflect it harmlessly into the wall. Then the Dark Jedi flings the droid off the platform, to a thudding landing below. Tracer opens fire, but his shots too are deflected; then Draco reaches out with the Force and disarms Riddick, reclaiming his lightsabre.

Seeing that he is outnumbered, Inquisitor Draco curses them, and runs Master Denia through with his lightsabre; giving Riddick more reason to reach his foe: once more he leaps to the platform, attacking quickly and breaking through Draco’s defences to score a hit; and Tracer follows this up with a well-aimed shot that burns a hole in the Dark Jedi.

The battle has turned, and Inquisitor Draco knows this: he calls on the Dark Side of the Force, and flees, leaping away and through a view-port, and escape!

Master Denia dies in the arms of Riddick, passing in the mantle of Master to him. Valdor calls for the ship, contacting Seejo, who has a plan to bring the Heart of Alderaan to them: the heroes gather Master Denia and head to the roof, keeping the outer doors locked and guarded.

The ship arrives, the heroes quickly board, and as TIE fighters swoop in and a Star Destroyer starts heading their way, they leap off into hyperspace and return home; their mission, technically a failure, but with another blow dealt to the Empire.

And as they head home, Bail tells them it is time to strike. They are to rendezvous with Lady Alya Aldrete, to begin their final plan against Project Sarlacc!

End of Episode Nine
Next: Episode Ten, and the end of the campaign


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