Star Wars: Dawn of Defiance

Episode Six: Session Four

Final Session

Valdor hacks into the controls for the door, the blast door slides open to reveal the detention cells… and armed guards who immediately open fire!

But these are not the best the Empire has to offer. In quick succession, the heroes almost casually gun down the enemy, dodging and deflecting blaster bolts as they do so. His cover now blown, Riddick manages to decapitate one guard before the fight is over.

There are prisoners in the cells, all but one catatonic. The remaining prisoner is a Duros called Gelnar Tol; who identifies himself as a starship designer (as the other prisoners are) who has been coerced into helping the Empire design a massive prototype Star Destroyer, many times the size of the new Imperial Destroyers that have only recently come into use. This is what the Sarlacc Project is all about, something that has taken the heroes many months to discover.

Valdor hacks into the mainframe of the computer, downloading all the information he can on the Project: financial records, lists of slave and tibanna gas sales, enough to make Senator Organa happy.

With Tol with them, the heroes head off to find a way off the Spire. They discover that their attack has not gone unnoticed and that the lifts are sealed. They cut a hole through the doors leading out of the foyer, and enter a section still under construction, a railing overlooking the scaffolding that goes down so, so many levels.

Cargo-lofts raise out of the floor, depositing a pair of guards and Dark Jedi Apprentices, who ignite their lightsabres and move to attack; and as battle is joined, an Inquisitor calling himself Nolan strides out of the stairwell, and goes straight for the Jedi.

It is obvious by now that the heroes are better equipped, more experienced, and downright deadly in combat. So far no Imperial agents or troopers, even Dark Jedi, have been able to seriously harm them, not for a long time; this battle is no exception.

In the first few seconds, one of the Apprentices is gunned down by combined fire from the Droid of Doom and Tracer, but they are unable to prevent the guards from taking out the ship designer; Tol falls to the floor, dead.

Inquisitor Nolan uses Move Object to slam a girder into the droid, who absorbs most of the impact; the Dark Jedi then tries to Force Grip Riddick, but is Rebuked and suffers his own throat being constricted; and in the meantime more bolts fly between the two sides, and the remaining Apprentice moves up to engage the Jedi in melee, but his attack is easily blocked. Valdor takes cover and shots, hitting one of the guards and drawing his attention away from the others.

As Nolan advances, eager to deal with the Jedi, Valdor takes out a guard, Tracer takes out the other Apprentice, while the others all miss, including the Droid of Doom, shots going wide and lightsabre attacks blocked. Riddick attacks Nolan, trying to disarm him, but his attack is blocked.

In the final seconds of the battle, the Droid of Doom kills the remaining guard, and with a stunning and critical attack, Riddick cleaves the Inquisitor in two: but in doing so he unwittingly triggers the bombs attached to the Spire, as the dead-man’s switch falls from the Inquisitor’s hand.

As explosions rock the building, the heroes manage to escape to their speeder and fly off as behind them the Spire collapses.

In the air they contact the agent they were meant to talk to when they arrived, Tero Reskan. He arranges for them to send the information they have gathered, via Holo-Net, back to the Resurgence, to Captain Verana and former Imperial Admiral Gilder Varth. Then he delivers them to a safe house, while he checks that the heroes’ vessel is not impounded.

End of Episode Six


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