Star Wars: Dawn of Defiance

Episode Six: Session Two

Shoot-Out at the Outlanders

After talking to Resh the heroes learn that the ISB agent they were told about, Lesan Dos might know how to get into the building that Resh believes the Sarlacc Project is based: this being the Imeici Spire.

They head straight to the cantina, in the middle of the night, to find a small crowd watching swoop races and drinking the night away. They split up, looking for Dos, and spy someone who matches his description by the vid-screens. Valdor spots the agent’s bodyguards, and the heroes quickly confer over their comlinks, and plan: Tracer goes out to the alleyway, while the other are to follow after they lure Dos outside.

Hacking into Dos’ datapad, Valdor sends him a message and arranges a meeting outside, saying something along the lines of “Your cover has been compromised, meet outside”. He seems to fall for it, and as Dos exits the cantina, one of the bodyguards following, the other heroes follow.

Outside, Tracer grabs Dos, and the others pile outside. Then Valdor spots a surveillance droid hovering nearby, sensors trained on the alleyway: he opens fire, misses, and then notices that the bodyguards have entered the alleyway, one following Dos, the other having gone round the front. And he seems to be accompanied by someone dressed in workers’ overalls, who looks just like Lesan Dos: there is two of them!

But there is no time to think, as a fire-fight breaks out:
Riddick starts by using the Force to smash the surveillance droid into the wall of the building, crushing some of its sensors, and Valdor follows up with a shot that almost knocks it from the sky. The Droid of Doom opens fire on the nearest bodyguard, while Tracer stuns the Dos that he has grabbed.

More blaster bolts fly. The Jedi pulls out his pistol and takes out the flying droid before it can do much, and the battle droid badly injures the bodyguard, and Tracer opens fire with multiple shots at both bodyguards: the first falls down, knocked out.

Riddick leaps onto a crate and draws his vibro-blade, slicing into the other bodyguard, and sees the other Dos pull a blaster. He uses the Force to Negate the blast, much to the agent’s surprise. “Jedi!” he calls out, clearly worried, but also realising what capturing one means. Tracerensures that the first Dos is well and truly stunned, and Valdor pours stun bolts into the other Dos, dazing him.

Then Riddick is hit by a well-aimed blaster bolt, injuring the jedi. He retaliates by blasting the agent with his pistol, taking him down. Then a combined fire of stun bolts from Valdor, Tracer and the Droid of Doom take down the other Dos.

For a few minutes all seems quiet: they dump the bodies in the alleyway, tie-up the two Dos’s and decide that they’ll take them with them, grab their speeder, and head off somewhere quiet to interrogate the two captured agents.

But before they can do so, around the corner another agent and a patrol of stormtroopers charge around the corner, all ready to fire, obviously called in as reinforcements.

Riddick grabs his lightsabre from the Droid, ready to ignite it and blow his cover if he has too. As the Imperials open fire, all missing, the other heroes fire back and kill two of the troopers and the agent in a hail of blaster fire. The other troopers follow straight after, but then a pursuit transport screams down from over the building, releasing more troopers and another agent Its cannons turn on the heroes and open fire, smashing holes in to the ground and smashing the surrounding crates. Grenades are lobbed by both sides, taking the wind from the heroes, but wounding several of the Imperials and scorching the hull of the transport.

As theDroid of Doom, Tracer and Valdor concentrate on taking out the Imperials, Riddick makes a dash for their speeder.

Meanwhile, Valdor takes out the new agent, and the other two deal with the troopers. They then turn their fire on the transport, which returns fire and manages to score a hit on Valdor, knocking him to the wall. Then the transport suffers a series of powerful hits that disable it, and it crashes into the wall.

Riddick arrives with the speeder. They haul their prisoners on board, and take off. And as they do so, a pair of Imperial Pursuit Speeders arrive and give chase.

End of Session


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