Star Wars: Dawn of Defiance

Episode Six: The Mission

As you enter the stark white briefing room, Admiral Varth waits impatiently for you to take your seats. The Admiral looks extremely tired and sleep deprived. It takes you a moment to realize that Captain Verana sits nearby, near the familiar assisting astromech droid. Admiral Varth begins.

“Congratulations. The data you obtained on Nizon is very revealing, so much so that I fear that once the Empire realizes it has been compromised, they will take steps to invalidate it. I’m afraid that time is not on our side.

“Thanks to you, we now know the origin of the Sarlacc Project, if not its final purpose.” The Admiral signals the droid, and the holoprojector activates, showing a very familiar city-planet.

“I suppose we should not be surprised that the project’s origin and design team resides on Imper—I mean, Coruscant. I do not believe that the entire project is housed there, given the casualty figures I have seen in my former Imperial life. However, it is apparent from the new data that the project is controlled from somewhere in this area.”

The Admiral waves at the droid, and the view zooms to the planet’s surface, highlighting a large district that includes some of the Empire’s most important governmental structures, such as the
Imperial Senate. “Unfortunately, we do not have an exact fix on the building or agency directly responsible for the project. The leads we have are impossible to pursue remotely. Therefore, we must send you in as soon as possible.”

Captain Verana speaks in a serious tone. “Before we delve into the details, you should know that our benefactor has fully authorised this mission, and he wanted me to personally assure you of its importance.”

The holoprojector zooms out to show thousands of starships, space stations, and satellites orbiting or approaching Coruscant.

“Coruscant is, of course, the center of the Empire. If you have not been to the system since the days of the Republic, the amount of traffic and the level of security may astound you. Peace and order, even under an oppressive government, have brought new opportunities to corporations and individuals throughout the galaxy.

Between the prosperity of the Core Worlds and the rebuilding of the planets damaged by the Clone Wars, traffic to Coruscant has increased many times what it was only a few years ago. Security has also increased, so it will be vital that you have the proper documentation and permits to approach the system and land at a suitable port. I will provide this for you.”

With that, the Admiral finally takes a seat, leaving the holoprojector on as a nearly silent reminder of your final destination. “Now, I’m sure you have additional questions.”


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