Star Wars: Dawn of Defiance

Episode Ten: Session One

The Final Adventure!

Rendezvousing with Lady Alya Aldrete, the heroes find a small fleet of ships has been assembled: a mix of smugglers, old republic vessels and a few rebels such as Captain Verana, and Sirona Okeefe and Crash.

The time for action is now: the prototype Super Star Destroyer has been located and a plan has been formed. The fleet will draw the defenders away from the shipyard, allowing the heroes to sneak into the nearby Golan Defence Platform, to take control of it and use its powerful weapons to blow the prototype out of orbit around the planet Byss. The plan seems simple, and according to the reports from their spies, the prototype is still a few weeks away from completion: it should be easy to destroy.

Wasting no time, the fleet launches and soon the heroes, on board the Heart of Alderaan, are racing across space with their engine signature masked and under a Force illusion generated by Riddick. Such precautions prove worthwhile, as an Imperial Patrol- two improved TIE fighters and a Skipray Blast Boat- flies by, but does not see the rebels. Using false codes, the ship lands safely in the docking bay of the platform, and the heroes exit and head straight to the nearest lifts.

There, Valdor hacks into the computer system and learns that the main command bridge has been shut down, and all operations have been diverted to the auxiliary command bridge in the heart of the platform, where the main reactor is located. They get into the lift and down, so far unnoticed.

The lift door opens onto the access corridor leading up to the reactor room: and a Stormtrooper gunner, with an E-Web cannon, stares right at them, surprised and a little shocked. He calls out to unseen allies, then readies to fire at the intruders: but the heroes react quicker, and start firing as the gunner shouts out a warning.

As the Droid of Doom opens fire on the gunner, a large droid, armed with a wide-bladed energy sword and a missile launcher, walks into view and launches a missile; it impacts on the wall, forcing the heroes to duck as shrapnel and fire sears them. More stormtroopers come into view, opening fire, but failing to hit. One falls down to a flurry of blaster fire from Tracer, while the others concentrate on the droid. Valdor lobs a grenade, and the enemy are merely staggered when Riddick Force Slams them; he follows this up with a charge and swipe at the nearest, tough, trooper, cutting into his armour. One of the trooper’s allies lobs his own grenade, but the heroes avoid the main blast. More blaster fire from Tracer takes down another trooper, while the others still concentrate their attacks on the droid, slowly burning through its armour, while dodging the swing of its sword.

The troopers pour blaster fire into the heroes, and while most miss or are deflected by armour, both Tracer and the Droid of Doom take some hits; they return fire, and Tracer takes out a third trooper. Then the Droid of Doom gets lucky and with two perfectly placed hits, the enemy droid is blown to pieces; leaving the last trooper to fall from a combination of blaster fire from Valdor and a lightsabre swipe from Jedi Riddick.

The door to the reactor room/auxiliary bridge stands before them: but what lies behind it?

End of Session


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