Star Wars: Dawn of Defiance

Episode Ten: Session Three

The Final Session!

The heroes fly towards the Sarlacc, Riddick piloting one of their Z-95 Headhunters, the others on board the Heart of Alderaan; while members of Blue Squadron, Captain Verana and Sirona Okeefe and Crash amongst them, keep the other Imperials off their backs.

Immediately they are attacked by four TIE fighters, while two squads of Spacetroopers attempt to seal the breach in the superstructure. And as quickly as the fight starts, the Droid of Doom and Riddick take out a TIE fighter each; and then the Heart of Alderaan takes a missile hit, causing a glitch in its hyperdrive and damaging both shields and hull.

Tracer turns the turolasers on the squads, blowing one to bits; then he turns his fire on the remaining TIE, and destroys it. Meanwhile, the Droid of Doom destroys the other squad of troopers, and as Valdor reroutes power to improve the ship, Master Jedi Riddick takes care of the other TIE fighter.

Then they fly through the gaping hole and enter the superstructure, followed by more TIE fighters: three are destroyed before they get very far, the fourth following a moment later as the Jedi blows it up. They fly through the maze, taking a couple of minor hits from gun emplacements, and destroying several more.

And into the reactor chamber they fly, once more followed by TIEs that swarm out of the tunnels behind them: before they turn on the reactor, Riddick takes out a TIE, as does the Droid of Doom; the Heart of Alderaan takes another hit, damaging its engines, despite Valdor’s best efforts to dodge it; another two TIE fighters are destroyed as Tracer turns his turret on them; and with only one ship left, Riddick launches a torpedo and scores a direct hit on the reactor!


The reactor explodes. Flames billow out and the super star destroyer tears itself apart! The heroes turn tail and run, the Droid of Doom firing at the last TIE as they do so, and destroying it even as it tries to escape.

They speed through the exploding ship, the Z-95 soaring ahead, the older freighter slower and taking some heat, but just as it seems that the ship will be consumed, it rockets out of the flames and together with the Z-95, both ships sail off towards the rebel fleet.

And behind them, the mighty Sarlacc disintegrations in a series of powerful explosions!

The battle is won.

The Empire has been defeated, but the war is just beginning.

Hailed and celebrated as true heroes, laying the foundations of the fledging rebellion, the heroes- Valdor, Tracer, Riddick and the Droid of Doom- fade into legend…

…and the campaign draws to an end.



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