Star Wars: Dawn of Defiance

Episode Ten: Session Two

Draco's Demise!

The doors to the reactor-room/axillary bridge slid open, and a hail of blaster fire catches the heroes off-guard; they duck and absorb most of the shots, but suffer a few burns.

The auxiliary command bridge is lit by the eerie red light of the main reactor. Standing near the junction between the two chambers is the sinister form of the cybernetically enhanced Inquisitor Draco, an ignited red-bladed lightsaber humming in his hand. Stormtroopers stand at the ready throughout the room, and Imperial technicians seem to be working furiously at control panels throughout the chamber. A pair of black-robed Imperial Shadow Guards stand just behind the Inquisitor, flanking him, lightsaber pikes at the ready.

“You’re too late, my friends, too late,” sneers Draco. “Had I known, when our paths crossed so long ago on Almas, that you would become such a thorn in the Empire’s side, I would have had the planet razed from orbit. Yet I did not, and here we stand. If you throw down your weapons now, I guarantee you a quick and painless death. As you can see, I have been looking forward to this meeting for some time now.”

A large display screen on one side of room flickers to life, revealing the stern face of Admiral Varth, decked out in his resplendent Imperial admiral’s uniform. “Draco, why aren’t those tractor beams offline yet? We’re losing valuable men out there.”

Draco offers the heroes a small smile and says, “In a moment, Admiral, your ship will be free of the station, and I will have disposed of these traitors in plenty of time for you to crush their fleet.”

And the final battle against Draco begins!

To begin with, luck seems to have deserted the heroes, as they take hit after hit, their own shots failing to have as much impact as previously. Almost immediately, a squad of stormtroopers smash through the Droid of Doom’s shields and burn holes in its armour; and a flurry of bolts smash into Tracer too. The heroes decide to take out the technicians as quickly as possible, and both Tracer and Valdor kill two of them.

Then the light-pike guards move in with stunning speed and force, slicing chunks out of the Droid of Doom, and shredding Valdor clothes and some of his skin. The other stormtroopers open fire, their bolts battering down Tracer and Riddick, who manages to deflect some of them before they do any serious damage.

Inquisitor Draco blasts Tracer with Force Lightning, which he shrugs off with only a few burns; and the Shadow Guards slice into Valdor again and again, wounding the former senator turned rebel. The heroes start to concentrate their fire on the Shadow Guards, while the two squads wear away at Tracer’s armour and stamina; they all but ignore Draco, who fails time and time to have much effect with his Force powers, and even his taunts towards the Master Jedi have little effect; so he strides towards Riddick, intent on having a one-on-one duel.

Meanwhile, Tracer takes out the other technicians and Valdor starts powering the tractor beams back up; while both the Droid of Doom and Master Riddick combine their attacks against one of the three Shadow Guards.

Now Draco clashes with Riddick, but the Jedi is too powerful and too skilled, and the Dark Jedi can not land a hit; and Riddick ignores him, concentrating on the Shadow Guards, using his Force power to throw the guards together; one falls down the reactor pit, dead, the other is injured and then struck by blaster fire from the Droid of Doom. They turn their attention on the others, again all but ignoring Draco, who tries to strike the Jedi, but has his attack not only negated, but the energy absorbed and used to heal Riddick.

Tracer is starting to feel wiped out, and ducks behind some cover to catch his breath and reload his rifle. The Droid of Doom diverts some power to boost his ailing systems, then pours more blaster fire into one of the two remaining Shadow Guards; and over by the consoles, Valdor pauses a moment to clear his head, before working on the next control panel to re-charge one of the tractor beams holding the super-star-destroyer in place.

One of the Shadow Guards moves up to Valdor and stabs him; and Riddick follows and stabs him in return. Angry at being further ignored, Draco unleashes a burst of Force Lightning at the Jedi, which is Rebuked, and then negated by the Dark Jedi, with a snarl of frustration! The Master Jedi heads back, sweeping his sabre at the Dark Jedi, who only just parries it.

Then Tracer, feeling refreshed and now reloaded, joins the Droid of Doom in blasting one of the Shadow Guards, who falls under their combined fire! The last one follows quickly after, leaving only the two squads and an increasingly annoyed Draco.

The squads move up, blocking the way to the last consoles that Valdor needs to deactivate; and there are only seconds to spare before the tractor beams are all released!

Realising how close the heroes are to succeeding, the squads start shooting Valdor, who almost goes down and staggers into the console, badly burned. Seeing his ally, and friend, so injured, Riddick once again ignores Draco and runs over to heal his friend, exchanging his own life force. Angered at this lack of interest, Draco hurls the Droid of Doom into the video screens using the Force, but is still ignored at both the droid and Tracer start shooting the stormtroopers, while Valdor keeps back, waiting for his chance to leap at the console and reactivate the final beam.

Then Riddick walks up and takes out the last trooper of the squad blocking the way, leaving the way clear for Valdor to do his work; he doesn’t even let a grenade thrown at him by Draco to slow him down, and slams the button that cancels the power-down, thus keeping the prototype in the grip of the tractor beams. A howl of rage issues forth from both Draco and the Admiral, and the troopers turn their fire back on the former trooper, but are suddenly knocked to the floor as Riddick Force Slams them.

Tracer opens fire on Inquisitor Draco, but his shots are deflected; then he fires again, and this time wounds the Dark Jedi.

At this point, Admiral Varth scowls at them through the video screen, the bridge of the Super Star Destroyer visible in the background behind him. “Why couldn’t you have been killed when Organa’s fleet fell apart? At least you won’t live to see me crush your new allies. This makes twice that I’ve had to wipe out your little insurrection; how many other deaths are on your hands?”

With that, the admiral turns and speaks to someone offscreen. “I want all available turbolasers to target the anchoring platform and fire when ready. Helm, engage the microjump. Let’s end this farcical rebellion.”

The platform rocks under the heroes feet as turbolaser bolts slam into the station. The video display cuts out abruptly, and the computer monitors show a chilling sight—the Super Star Destroyer has jumped to hyperspace, reappearing in the middle of the ongoing battle.

Valdor alerts them all that the platform is losing orbit. The remaining squad, all but defeated, is again slammed to the floor by the Jedi, who finally turns to deal with Draco.

But then Tracer takes a careful aim, and with a well-placed shot that the Dark Jedi cannot deflect, the former clone trooper turned rebel, fires a blaster bolt straight through the cybernetic eye of Inquisitor Draco; the Dark Jedi falls down, dead!

But there is little time for rejoicing. The heroes turn their fire on the remaining troopers, and in a matter of seconds there are no more Imperials in their way. They realise that the platform is now useless and mere minutes from falling into the atmosphere of Byss. They rush back to their ship, quickly board and fly out just in time.

Out in space, they receive a call from Lady Alya Aldrete, who tells them that the fleet is in trouble. The Sarlacc has jumped into their midst, and is blasting their fleet to pieces! However, there is still hope. Thanks to the heroes efforts, the tractor beams, while unable to prevent the star destroyer from moving, did rip a hole in its hull; large enough for ships to fly into its superstructure and take out its reactor: and it is up to the heroes to ensure that this happens!

End of Session

Next session: Into the Maw of the Sarlacc


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