Star Wars: Dawn of Defiance

Episode One: Session Two

Following directions given to them by Switch the heroes locate the Docking Bay the cargo rests within: the main hanger bay of the Imperialist Blue Deck. Before heading there, they stop off at their quarters, collecting their belongings, picking up the senator’s battle droid, and letting Maya know what is going on. She tells them that if they send her a message, she’ll have a friend and fellow agent come and pick them up, swooping into the bay before they all blast off and deliver the cargo to Alderaan.

Passing through Blue Deck is simple enough, but upon entering the main docking bay, the heroes discover a squad of Stormtrooper and an Imperial Officer occupying the bay.

The Imperial Officer immediately questions their authority concerning their presence in the bay, and Valdor successfully bluffs their way; but only up to a point. The Imperial Officer needs to see their authority, and gestures them over to him. While Trace hangs back, ready to blast away, the others– Valdor, his nameless droid, and Riddick, Padawan Jedi– approach the Officer at his console, pretending to be there to collect some cargo.

All seems to be going well, until the Officer sees that the proffered datapad is blank and asks Valdor to check in with his contact, to authorise the transfer; at this moment, the doors of a nearby storage bay open and a repulsor sled hovers out, driven by a stormtrooper with a carbonite slab in its back.

Valdor communicates with Maya, telling her to come and pick them up, while trying to change the cargo manifest so that they can take the cargo away without bloodshed. Sadly, the Imperial encryption is too complicated and he fails, sending the console bleeding an alarm.

And before the Officer has a chance to question it, Valdor pulls his blaster and fires: missing but blowing a sizeable hole in the console. Taking this as a clue that it is time to fight, the other heroes take advantage of their surprise and blast away, Riddick igniting his lightsabre; and Tracer takes the first kill by blasting the sled driver off his perch, knocking him unconscious with a well-aimed blast.

The fight is fast and deadly: in the first few seconds another trooper falls, the Officer is wounded by another shot by Valdor, and a trooper replaces the driver on the sled, aiming its cannon at the battle-droid blasting away at the nearest Stormtrooper.

Another trooper falls to Tracer’s well-placed blaster fire; and Valdor ducks as his droid takes out the Officer with its wrist blasters. But then the cannon fires: and with an explosion of sparks, the droid crashes to the floor.

A few more blasts echo around the bay, all sides taking damage; another trooper falls to concentrated blaster bolts, and the droid reactivates and stands, blasting down his previous attacker; but the trooper’s comrade takes issue with this attack and blasts away, a perfectly aimed shot once more taking the droid out of the fight.

But that is all the luck the Stormtrooper recruits have: a few seconds later the rest are dead, two virtually cut in two by Riddick’s energy blade, the others taken down by blaster fire from the others.

In the silence that follows, a starship flies into the bay; a Baudo-class space yacht called the Banshee, sent by Maya to collect the heroes and the cargo. Quickly they board the ship, and in minutes are beyond the station and making the jump into hyperspace.

Next stop: Alderaan.

The ‘Droid of Doom’ was taken out twice this encounter, both ‘kill-shots’ negated by use of a Force Point. One was from a blast from the sled’s powerful cannon, the other from a critical hit from the blaster carbine of a Stormtrooper. Everyone else managed to avoid any serious damage, and all successfully recovered the cargo and flew off on-board the ship before any reinforcements arrived.

The PCs are now Level 2.


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