Star Wars: Dawn of Defiance

Episode One: Session Three

A Mission for Organa

After escaping from the Sel Zonn Station, the heroes are taken to Alderaan to meet Bail Organa, where they are given a mission (readily accepted by all) to infiltrate an Imperial facility- a prison- on the planet Felucia, and rescue an Imperial Admiral that is looking to defect.

The journey to the planet is simple enough, but upon leaving hyperspace the Banshee almost runs right into a Victory-class Star Destroyer, which turns to pursue. Skilful piloting by Sirona Okeefe and Crash brings the ship down without any Imperial entanglements, but the ship is damaged and a quick inspection reveals that a day or so is needed to fix it.

So the heroes head off into the mushroom jungles of the planet, heading in the direction of the facility. They encounter some native Felucians on their way, and manage to avoid any hostile encounter by some quick-thinking diplomacy from Riddick and Valdor.

The natives escort the heroes to their village, where they find another human, an ex-Separatist called Mandrake, who acts as their translator. After learning something of their mission, Mandrake also gives them an explosive device that he has, having once planned to destroy the facility himself.

The heroes befriend the natives and, with Valdor’s skill, treat some sick children. Riddick exchanges philosophy on the Force with the village chief, and learns how to use a power that the natives use naturally, being in tune with the Force.

Next day, with a guide to show them they way, the heroes are all set to head off to the facility. But before they do, they hear and see a speeder bike and a scout trooper racing off; it is obvious that they have been seen, and that he must be stopped.

Jumping on some kybuks, the heroes give chase through the jungle and swamp, gaining and losing ground as they go. Tracer gets close enough to blast the trooper, but as he does so, a second scout comes speeding past, and the chase is on once again.

Tracer proves most able with his mount and he is first to ride into a clearing, followed closely by Valdor and then the others. There is a small communications-relay post, together with the scout they have been chasing and another just mounting his speeder; plus a squad of four armed Stomrtroopers who look around as the sudden arrival of four mounted intruders.

Next session: fight at the relay outpost.

NOTES: a combat-light session, with only one shot fired by Tracer, taking out a scout trooper on his bike. Much diplomacy and talking, with Riddick learning (for free) the new Force power: Force Blast.


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