Star Wars: Dawn of Defiance

Episode One: session one

session one

While relaxing in the lower level Cantina, the friendly mechanic called Maya stumbles into the party’s booth, wounded and in need of help.

No sooner has she asked for the heroes help, two Imperial agents and two Imperial Stormtroopers shove their way through the patrons, bringing out blasters and telling everyone to move out of the way: “There she is,” shouts one. “Set to stun!”

Blaster bolts fly as the agents open fire, followed by the heroes returning fire from their booth, using the tables and wall as cover. A fierce and brief fire-fight takes place, bolts flying into tables and punching holes in the bar; while the patrons and barman dive for cover, a voice yelling out, “No blasters! No blasters!” but his cries going unheard.

Tracer, former Clone Trooper turned fugitive, takes out a Stormtrooper with a single shot, blasting a hole in his chest panel. Valdor, ex-senator and on the run from the anti-alien Empire, shows he is more than just a diplomat, taking out the second Stormtrooper and one of the agents in quick succession. Meanwhile, the Jedi Padawan, Riddick– his lightsabre concealed– utilises the force and propels a chair into the back of the other agent, enough times to render him unconscious.

With the opposition down, the heroes help Maya out of the cantina and together they hold up in a disused store room, where they tend to Maya’s wounds and listen to her story. It turns out that she is more than a mere mechanic, but is in fact a member of the House Organa of Alderaan; a security agent no less, on a mission to retrieve some valuable cargo that needs to be delivered safely to Bail Organa. She asks the heroes for their help, and they readily agree.

Following Maya’s instructions, the trio head to cargo bay V14, where they meet with a minor crime lord and information broker, the droid known as Switch. He is surrounded by thugs, but is quite pleasant and talkative. He offers them the location of the cargo he is holding, in exchange for 2000 credits, to cover his expenses.

As they negotiate and it seems that they’ll have to somehow pay the high cost, another would-be crime lord bursts into the hold with his six minions: this is the dangerous, Ganga Lor. He has come to deal with Switch, but sees the heroes as also in his way: he and his minions attack; and after a quick exchange with Switch, offering to help him if he tells them where the cargo is, the heroes defend the droid.

The fight is fast and furious, a mixture of blaster fire and melee combat. Some of the minions are wielding vibro-axes, the others taking cover and opening fire. Ganga Lor begins blasting away at Switch, missing to begin with and taking huge chunks out of his priceless desk.

Quickly the fight turns the heroes way: Tracer takes out one, then two, then three of the minions, but suffers a few hits too. Valdor manages to deliver much-needed first aid to the soldier after a painful hit, but then a vibro-ax comes down and takes Valdor out of the fight. By the time he recovers enough to gain consciousness, with some first aid from Riddick, the fight is over. The rest of the minions are taken out by Riddick, two to the cut of his lightsabre , another to the blow of a force-propelled crate. Then Tracer takes out Ganga Lor, and all is quiet.

Switch, injured by a blast from his nemesis, but alive, honours his agreement and tells the heroes that the cargo– a man transported in secret and encased in carbonite– is in storage in the main docking bay on Blue Deck. Gathering themselves, they head out of the cargo bay and into the station.

Notes: Tracer had the most ‘kills’, including taking out Ganga Lor; Riddick took out three, only one dead, the rest unconscious; Valdor took out two. Tracer took a blaster carbine from one of the Stormtroopers; while Riddick took a comlink from one of the agents. They also looted 300 credits from Gangor-lor.


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