Star Wars: Dawn of Defiance

Episode Eight: Session Two
Train Invasion

The nightclub is invaded by trandoshan mercenaries, and the heroes head out to meet and deal with them, intent on saving the train and Lady Alya Aldrete so that they can complete their mission and get the codes they need.

Unfortunately they have limited weapons: Valdor hastily reassembles Tracer’s carbine, while he and Riddick take the sporting blasters they were given; leaving the poor Droid of Doom to activate his shields and prepare for some fist-fighting.

The first bolts are exchanged between Valdor and one of the merc’s, both hitting. The Jedi uses the Force to throw a glitter ball into a berserker, and Tracer fires off three rapid shots, hitting the same berserker and one of the merc’s. Valdor finished that merc off, while the droid heads down to the dance floor. More bolts fly across the room, and the berserkers take on Riddick and the Droid of Doom, landing hits and taking some too. Tracer takes out one of the berserkers, and Riddick Force Slams the other unconscious, and then takes out the remaining one.

They hurry through to the casino, to discover more merc’s as well as a powerful wardroid, who is trying to break into the cashier’s counter, wherein an imperial governor and his elite stormtrooper bodyguards are holed up. As the heroes move in, Valdor once more uses his technical skills to reassemble the Jedi Master’s lightsabre, while the droid picks up a carbine to use.

A flurry of shots concentrated on the wardoid quickly take it out before it can do much damage, and combined fire and lightsabre attacks take out a trandoshan raider. A boarding party comes round the corner, but ends up dealing with the stormtroopers instead. Meanwhile, the captain of these merc’s exchanges fire, until Riddick disarms him and flings his rifle to Tracer’s waiting hands: who uses that rifle to blast the captain, killing him.

Then the Jedi uses his Force Slam power to blast both the boarding party and the stormtroopers, having no love for the Empire (especially now that they’ve seen him in in full Jedi mode): it takes out the troopers, and most of the boarding party; they are finished off by fire from Tracer and the Droid of Doom.

They leave the imperial governor hiding behind the counter, and head off to the next carriage.

End of Session

Episode Eight: Session One
What? No fighting?

Six months have passed since Master Denia was captured.

During that time the heroes have been laying low, as they are now wanted, marked for death, and their names and faces are plastered all over wanted posters throughout the Empire. In the meantime they have been helping Senator Organa track down their missing Jedi Master: and now they have learnt that she is held captive on an Imperial planet in the Deep Core.

Getting to her won’t be easy, especially as the Deep Core is dangerous and almost impossible to navigate without the correct access codes and navigation charts. Thankfully, Organa believes he knows how to get the necessary data: a celebrity heiress, one Lady Alya Aldrete is known to have the information they need, due to her connections with smugglers that operate in that area. All the heroes have to do is talk to her and convince her to help; and as luck would have it, she is holding a gala event to showcase the new train her family has had built: a luxury transport called the Gem of Alderaan.

The heroes are given 24 hours to put together a suitable and concrete back story to allow them to get close to the Lady, and they set about it quickly: in a little over 11 hours they have their new identities, a hefty amount of background on public records, all faked with careful and painstaking skill, with everyone helping out. By the end, with just enough time to get some sleep, they become wealthy and important droid traders, with the Droid of Doom acting as their walking ‘sample’ of their trade.

They have to leave most of their weapons and equipment behind, but manage to smuggle and hide several items (in bits and pieces) amongst their tools and hidden inside the droid. Not much, only a carbine, their droid’s primary blaster, and the Jedi’s lightsabre.

The next day they arrive at the gala all dressed up, with cosmetic disguises to help by them pass the security checks in place as the pre-launch party. There are some nerves as they are sent through the security scanner, and their IDs are checked, but it all works out fine.

From the pre-launch party, on to the train, the heroes move around the carriages and engage in social activities in order to make a good impression and attract the Lady Alya Aldrete‘s attention: Tracer and Valdor sit at the bar, watching the other guests and sizing them up, while discussing trade in the Deep Core; Riddick plays and loses a game of chance, and the Droid of Doom tries to blend in and listen on other people’s conversations. At dinner Valdor impresses everyone with his knowledge of wine and food, and by the evening, after a little dance and DJing in the nightclub, the Lady’s twi’lek aide takes them into the office and tells them that they have caught their attention, and that they know who they are: the Lady has excellent contacts and her celebrity persona is just a mask to cover her smuggling in the Deep Core. He asks what the heroes want, and after they tell the truth, he says that the Lady might be able to help.

As he calls her to arrange a meeting, the train shudders and over the communications network a voice calls out: “Organa! We know you’re there! Surrender to us, or will kill everyone on this train!” Just before the scanners and communications are knocked out, the twi’lek tells the heroes that the train is bring boarded!

And then…

End of Session

Episode Eight: Gem of Alderaan
Opening Crawl

Opening Crawl

After months of searching, the heroes finally learn that Jedi Master Denia is being held captive on a fortress world in the Deep Core. It will be impossible to reach her in time without codes to allow safe passage.

A celebrity heiress has such codes, and the heroes must seek her aid while hiding in plain sight from the forces of the Empire…

Episode Seven: Session Four
Into the Fire

The Heart of Alderaan hurtles out of hyperspace into a battle:

A Star Destroyer looms before a battered and damaged Resurgence, pounding away at a brave corvette that is covering fleeing transports that are being attacked by TIE fighters. The Empire has found them!

As the heroes take it all in, Captain Verana contacts them and asks for their help. The frigate is crippled and has been boarded, and while most of the crew are either dead or have escaped in pods, he and his bridge crew are trapped and under fire. They need the heroes to come in and rescue them; before the Star Destroyer finishes them off.

Piloting their transport to a nearby docking port, the heroes race through the battle-scorched ship, heading for the bridge. They scramble out of a still functioning lift, straight into a squad of stormtroopers who are just about to storm the bridge.

Leading by example, Valdor takes the initiative and blasts a trooper, drawing their attention. Riddick follows this with a Force Slam that knocks most of the troopers to the ground, and the Droid of Doom riddles them with blaster fire. Tracer takes two of them out, but not before the troopers retaliate by lobbing a succession of grenades into the heroes’ midst, damaging the droid and weakening the rest.

Showing that two can play at that game, Valdor throws his own grenade, injuring all the troopers in the resultant blast. Then the Droid of Doom and Tracer take out the rest of the troopers, leaving Riddick to cut down their leader.

With the enemy force wiped out, the heroes rescue Captain Verana and his men, directing them to their ship. The Captain tells them that Master Denia has been captured by the Inquisition, and that if they hurry they might be able to stop them before they leave the hanger bay. As he takes his men off to the heroes’ ship, they head off to the hanger bay to stop the Jedi master being taken.

En route they come across several troopers and members of the Inquisition escorting prisoners to the hanger, and start taking them out while protecting the rebels:

Tracer takes the first shot and the first kill, blowing a hole in one of the Inquisitor’s heads. He crashes to the floor before he even realises what’s going on. Meanwhile, the others move in and open fire, while Riddick readies himself to catch a grenade if any of the troopers throw one: one does, and the grenade bounces back, injuring the troopers instead. The heroes dodge and duck the return fire, and move in.

With a swipe of his lightsabre, Riddick takes out a trooper, and both the Droid of Doom and Tracer wound more, while the enemy and Valdor all manage to miss. The remaining Inquisitors start moving through the prisoners, igniting their own sabres.

Summoning the Force, Riddick slams two troopers together, crushing one. Tracer takes out the other with a blaster bolt between the eyes, and both Inquisitors send powerful bolts of Force Lightning at the Jedi, who rebukes one and wounds an Inquisitor instead, and takes the brunt of the other with minimal effect. Valdor takes a hit from a trooper, spoiling his aim so he misses.

As the heroes advance, they start sending the prisoners off to their ship, but not before the Inquisitors kill two of them. Another flurry of shots from the non-Jedi heroes take out another couple of troopers, and Valdor sends one of the Inquisitors to hell. Then another flurry of fire takes out the rest, and the remaining prisoners are sent to the now crowded ship.

The heroes hurry to the hanger bay, just in time to see none other than Inquisitor Draco escorting a battered and manacled Master Denia onto a shuttle. As they race towards it, several soldiers and a lieutenant turn to deal with the rebels, and the shuttle escapes!

The battle in the hanger is short and deadly: the soldiers fall quickly, taken out by rapid fire, dead-eye shots and grenades, leaving the lieutenant- who turns out to be a Dark Jedi too- mostly to Riddick, who exchanges a few strikes, before the Droid of Doom takes her out with a double blast of fiery bolts.

With the frigate falling apart around them, the Star Destroyer moving in for the kill, and the TIE fighters swarming closer, the heroes have no choice but to head back to their ship and take off, leaving Master Denia and the other prisoners to their fate: but as they are about to leap into hyperspace, they receive a call from Admiral Gilder Varth, who turns out to be a traitor, a double-agent even, still working for the Empire. he promises them that they will be hunted down and exterminated, and looks forward to their next meeting.

Battered and bruised, their pried wounded, and eager for revenge, the heroes jump into hyperspace and leave the devastation behind.

End of Episode Seven

Note: PCs are now level 15.

Episode Seven: Session Three
Escape from Coruscant

Between the heroes and their ship are a squad of Imperial Stormtroopers, two pairs of Heavy Stormtroopers with heavy E-Web blaster cannons, and a mighty AT-AT Walker looming over their ship.

The heroes’ plan is simple: Riddick uses the Force to sneak into their ship, to start powering it up and get it ready to blast off. Tracer will sneak up and get into position to take out the Stormtroopers blocking their path, while Valdor and the Droid of Doom use their speeder as a battering ram, to knock the troopers in front of the ship out of the way, allowing everyone to run aboard the Heart of Alderaan; then all they have to do is get off planet and escape into space.

The first part of the plan is easy: Riddick cloaks himself, levitates over the wall, then phases through the hull of their ship. Once inside he hurries to the cockpit and starts the slow power build-up; estimating it will take 10 minutes to fully power the ship, thereby allowing the shields and weapons to be powered-up too. If he can manage it, he might be able to speed it up, but there is a risk that a power-surge will blow up a system or two.

As the others move the speeder into position, Tracer starts to sneak across, but barely gets halfway before he is spotted: and the fight begins!

The Droid of Doom moves up into cover and opens fire, wounding one of the heavy stormtroopers; and Tracer takes out the other pair with a series of well-placed rapid shots that kill one outright, and knocks the other trooper out cold.

Valdor aims the speeder at the squad, jumping out as the vehicle speeds towards them: but his aim is poor, and the speeder just crashes into the ground before them. Inside the ship, Riddick manages to bypass some of the safety features, lowering the powering-up time to only five minutes (still a lifetime away, with the speed of a fire-fight).

More blaster bolts fly, one burst from the remaining E-Web splashing around the droid and his master, wearing them down. One of the troopers is knocked back by the Jedi, as he Force Blasts him from the cockpit, and even the former Clone Trooper takes some heat as the squad spots him and starts opening fire with bursts of blaster bolts.

As the troopers continue to slowly wear down the heroes outside, they return fire, and Tracer takes out a Stormtrooper. Then the mighty AT-AT joins in, trying to catch the heroes in its sights: cannons roar but miss for the most part; some of the blast washes over Tracer but he shrugs off the worse. He takes out his pain and anger by shooting two more Troopers, killing both. The Droid of Doom injures a third, while Valdor runs from cover to cover, closing on the ship; and Riddick opens the main hatch, then returns to the cockpit to see if he can speed things up again.

Back outside, the Droid of Doom decides to try and take on the AT-AT, but although he hits, his wrist-blasters cannot penetrate its armour. Seeing this, Tracer runs over to the unmanned E-Web, wondering if he can use it to blast the walker. Riddick considers running out with a thermal detonator and his lightsabre, passing Valdor on his way into the ship; he runs to the cockpit, aiming to use his superior skill to get the ship up and running quickly.

The Droid of Doom moves into the ship and takes his place at the weapons, ready to let loose once they are powered-up. In the cockpit, Riddick (having decided that attacking an AT-AT would be foolish) helps Valdor with the ship; but rather than speed things up, they cause a surge of power that blows their communications suite. As the remaining hero outside, Tracer deals with the remaining troopers, leaving only the AT-AT to deal with. He decides that he can do better with his own carbine and well-aimed shots rather than with the E-Web heavy cannon. The AT-AT decides it is better to shoot the ship, and starts pounding energy bolts into its hull, eroding its armour bolt-by-bolt.

Back in their ship’s turret, while waiting for the power, the Droid of Doom takes time to recharge his shields; while in the cockpit Riddick and Valdor try again and manage to get the power routed so that it will take less than a minute to get the ship ready to fly; they call out to their friend to get in the ship. He acknowledges, while blasting away at the AT-AT (doing some damage, but not much more than burning away the paint) and dodging its return fire; the walker’s cannons continue hitting the ship too, burning holes into its unshielded hull. The heroes know that the ship can’t take much more before something vital is hit, or a lucky shot blows it up.

Needing help, Valdor calls in his droid, and the three of them work together to decrease the time: they manage to get it down to a little over ten seconds; enough time for Tracer to run to the ship and pile inside, slamming shut the hatch. He climbs into the turret.

The AT-AT further pours blaster bolts into their ship, coming close to damaging it too much to fly: but then the generator kicks in, the power floods through the systems, and with a roar the engines come on-line. Valdor activates the shields, the Droid of Doom powers-up the weapons, and Tracer manages to get a shot off, damaging the AT-AT, as Riddick lifts the ship out of the hanger and heads off into orbit.

Leaving the planet behind, communications down and the ship damaged, the heroes fly crazily through the traffic and burst out into space. As Imperial ships converge on them, they load the co-ordinates to rendezvous with the Resurgence and get ready to hit hypersapce; but before they do, thankfully, Valdor does a search for anything like tracking devices, and finds not only three (two carefully hidden) but also a bomb that he disarms.

They push the lever, and the Heart of Alderaan speeds off into hyperspace…

End of Session

Episode Seven: Session Two
Imperial Attack!

The heroes race back to the safe-house expecting trouble, still getting no answer from their allies. Hacking into the local newsfeeds and Imperials police channels, Valdor finds no mention of alerts or police raids, but knows that this doesn’t mean much. At the house they head up the stairs to the apartments, checking that the coast is clear before moving into the corridor with guns drawn. Using a remote holo-recorder, the heroes fix a camera to keep an eye on the corridor and link it to Valdor’s wrist-computer. They then enter their room, and start to search the apartments.

Their own quarters seem empty, but there are signs of blaster fire; scorch marks on the walls, the smell of ozone in the air. They find the first dead body in the workshop, the weapons there untouched. The others are spread throughout the rest of the rooms, all dead, killed while defending themselves, and all in the last hour or so. Then, at the same time as Riddick senses something in the Force, Valdor sees movement in the corridor outside: fourImperial troopers, sneaking up, led by an officer who spots the camera and destroys it with a blaster bolt: the heroes hear the echo from inside, and move into cover to face whatever comes their way.

Minutes pass, then the troopers come through the secret doors in the apartments, having circled around to flank the heroes. They catch the Droid of Doom by surprise, scoring a damaging hit that penetrates his shields. The droid returns fire, then retreats, seriously damaged and in need or recharging his shields. The others move into better positions, Riddick igniting his light-sabre and calling on the Force to grant him some protection against potential damage. Only two troopers have come through, and both Tracer and the Jedi move into the room to engage them: the former Clone Trooper fires away, but the trooper’s armour deflects the blasts; then Riddick strides in and slashes away with his sabre, cutting down the wounded trooper: the Imperial soldier falls down dead, his chest cleaved open.

Another trooper pops into view, opening fire with his carbine: the Jedi deflects the flurry of bolts, leaving the way open for Tracer to shot and hit the new trooper. Meanwhile, as the droid begins to re-establish his shields, Valdor makes a quick repair, re-routing power and hammering a few bent panels back into place.

Leaving the others to deal with the current troopers, Valdor and the Droid of Doom move out into the corridor, spotting the fourth trooper and the officer; the droid opens fire, but the trooper ducks into cover and avoids the blast.

Riddick strikes at a trooper, who ducks and grabs a Thermal Detonator from the workbench, and heads into the next room, taking a hit from behind for his trouble. Meanwhile, Tracer wounds the other guard, and from the entrance, with a direct line of sight, Valdor takes him down with a well-aimed shot. The Imperial Officer circles around, coming out near the Jedi but forewarned by the Force, the officer misses. Outside in the corridor blaster bolts are exchanged between the Droid of Doom and the last trooper, who takes a minor hit. That trooper retaliates and wounds Valdor, who returns fire and also scores a hit. The trooper still in the room with Tracer retreats, and throws a Thermal Detonator into the room, but the clone trooper ducks and suffers minor burns and is winded.

With his forces cut down in size, the officer orders a retreat, his intent to call for reinforcements. Before he himself can retreat, the Jedi slices the officer’s carbine in two, disarming him, and follows this up with a cutting strike that seriously injures the officer. He falls before he can escape, as the Jedi simply follows him and cuts him down.

Meanwhile, outside, the other trooper retreats into the corridor, his fellow trooper laying down covering fire. That trooper is then blasted right in the face by the Droid of Doom, killing him. The others rush up, but they are too late. The sole remaining trooper heads out of the building, already calling for reinforcements.

Knowing that time is running out, the heroes quickly survey the rest of the apartments and find their allies all dead. They head out, climb into their speeder, and head off to the space port, hoping that their ship isn’t impounded and that they can escape without further trouble.

They arrive at a suspiciously deserted hanger, to find that not only is their ship impounded and guarded by stormtroopers with heavy-blaster tripod emplacements, but also by a towering AT-AT walker standing behind their ship.

They duck into cover, and make plans.

End of Session

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Episode Seven: Session One
A change of fortune

A few days have passed since the Spire fell down and the heroes escaped with the data on the Sarlacc Project. Now they are holed up in a safehouse with several loyalists, waiting for the message that will bring them back home to the Resurgence.

Instead, they get a call from Admiral Gilder Varth who tells them they can come home soon, but need to bring in a member of the design team that also escaped the collapse of the Spire; a man called Pavel Trenol. They are given a holo-print of him, plus an address. Wanting nothing more than to be out of Coruscant and away from the Imperials, the heroes jump in their speeder and head off to the hostel where Pavel is hiding; they take backstreets and lesser known routes, avoiding any Imperial checkpoints.

They reach the area known as Gnawer’s Roost without trouble, and hide the speeder. They walk through a rough area, but the gangs and criminals out and about take one look at the hardened heroes and let them be. Soon they reach the hostel and go in, finding a chained and battered 3PO unit at the desk. After some credits exchange hands, the heroes locate and enter Pavel’s room, only to find it empty. A clue, written on a piece of paper, reads “The Invisible Hand.” They query the droid about it, more intimidating than before, and learn that Pavel left with some Quarren not that long ago, and that the Invisible Hand is a local cantina.

The heroes head off to the cantina, but on the way a bunch of ogres– misshapen mutants lurking in the bowels of the city– attack them!

It takes a matter of seconds for the heroes to deal with the ogres; each taking at least one out by themselves. Less than 30 seconds later the heroes are back on the path, the onlookers cheering them as one more menace is eradicated.

The cantina is a small affair, few people inside. But there is a man who looks like Pavel, surrounded by four thuggish looking Quarren. No sooner have they entered, Valdor gets a bad feeling: Pavel looks very much in charge of the situation, and looks to have been expecting them. As soon as the heroes enter, the Quarrens stand, pull their blasters, and open fire.

The rest of the patrons duck as Valdor lobs a grenade, catching two of Quarren in the blast and smashing drinks, tables and chairs. Blaster bolts ricochet around the room, and outside the Quarren bouncer yells ’what’s happening’ and comes through the door, unsure who to shoot.

First to die is a Quarren, gunned down by the Droid of Doom, and while the Jedi yells for them to stop, as they’ve come to help, Valdor kills another with a lobbed grenade; this prompts the bouncer to turn his stun pistol on the Zabrak, since he’s doing the most damage to the cantina.

Next kill goes to Tracer as he guns down another Quarren and injures the fourth. Pavel runs! But is knocked to the floor by a Force Slam sent by Riddick. The remaining Quarren is blown apart by the Droid of Doom and everyone else chases after Pavel, who picks himself up and runs out of the backdoor.

The heroes chase him through the alleyways, firing and missing mostly. Pavel fires back, before giving up and just running. The others follow, switching their weapons to stun, and with some help from Riddick as he uses the Force to throw objects in the man’s way, Pavel is felled by several stun bolts.

Quickly picking him up and taking him back to their speeder, the heroes kidnap Pavel and drive somewhere nice and quiet. There they interrogate him, resorting to force in the end, and learn that the man is actually an Imperials Agent. They execute him [Dark Side point gained] and then, fearing the worse, try to contact the safehouse.

There is no answer.

End of Session

Episode Seven: A Reckoning of Wraiths
Opening Crawl

Opening Crawl


Episode VII


With the taste of victory still sweet upon their tongues, the heroes find refuge on Coruscant with loyalists. Following the destruction of the Inquisitors’ tower, the Empire is searching for the culprits with extreme prejudice. Just as there seems to be a lull in the action, word comes that
one of the captive designers of the Sarlacc Project has survived, and is seeking asylum with the loyalists . . .

Episode Six: Session Four
Final Session

Valdor hacks into the controls for the door, the blast door slides open to reveal the detention cells… and armed guards who immediately open fire!

But these are not the best the Empire has to offer. In quick succession, the heroes almost casually gun down the enemy, dodging and deflecting blaster bolts as they do so. His cover now blown, Riddick manages to decapitate one guard before the fight is over.

There are prisoners in the cells, all but one catatonic. The remaining prisoner is a Duros called Gelnar Tol; who identifies himself as a starship designer (as the other prisoners are) who has been coerced into helping the Empire design a massive prototype Star Destroyer, many times the size of the new Imperial Destroyers that have only recently come into use. This is what the Sarlacc Project is all about, something that has taken the heroes many months to discover.

Valdor hacks into the mainframe of the computer, downloading all the information he can on the Project: financial records, lists of slave and tibanna gas sales, enough to make Senator Organa happy.

With Tol with them, the heroes head off to find a way off the Spire. They discover that their attack has not gone unnoticed and that the lifts are sealed. They cut a hole through the doors leading out of the foyer, and enter a section still under construction, a railing overlooking the scaffolding that goes down so, so many levels.

Cargo-lofts raise out of the floor, depositing a pair of guards and Dark Jedi Apprentices, who ignite their lightsabres and move to attack; and as battle is joined, an Inquisitor calling himself Nolan strides out of the stairwell, and goes straight for the Jedi.

It is obvious by now that the heroes are better equipped, more experienced, and downright deadly in combat. So far no Imperial agents or troopers, even Dark Jedi, have been able to seriously harm them, not for a long time; this battle is no exception.

In the first few seconds, one of the Apprentices is gunned down by combined fire from the Droid of Doom and Tracer, but they are unable to prevent the guards from taking out the ship designer; Tol falls to the floor, dead.

Inquisitor Nolan uses Move Object to slam a girder into the droid, who absorbs most of the impact; the Dark Jedi then tries to Force Grip Riddick, but is Rebuked and suffers his own throat being constricted; and in the meantime more bolts fly between the two sides, and the remaining Apprentice moves up to engage the Jedi in melee, but his attack is easily blocked. Valdor takes cover and shots, hitting one of the guards and drawing his attention away from the others.

As Nolan advances, eager to deal with the Jedi, Valdor takes out a guard, Tracer takes out the other Apprentice, while the others all miss, including the Droid of Doom, shots going wide and lightsabre attacks blocked. Riddick attacks Nolan, trying to disarm him, but his attack is blocked.

In the final seconds of the battle, the Droid of Doom kills the remaining guard, and with a stunning and critical attack, Riddick cleaves the Inquisitor in two: but in doing so he unwittingly triggers the bombs attached to the Spire, as the dead-man’s switch falls from the Inquisitor’s hand.

As explosions rock the building, the heroes manage to escape to their speeder and fly off as behind them the Spire collapses.

In the air they contact the agent they were meant to talk to when they arrived, Tero Reskan. He arranges for them to send the information they have gathered, via Holo-Net, back to the Resurgence, to Captain Verana and former Imperial Admiral Gilder Varth. Then he delivers them to a safe house, while he checks that the heroes’ vessel is not impounded.

End of Episode Six

Episode Six: Session Three
Into the Spire

With their prisoners tied up and stuffed in the storage boot, the heroes speed off with two Imperial Pursuit speeders and a trio of surveillance droids chasing them.

With Riddick piloting, they start to gain ground on the speeders. Tracer takes out two of the droids, with help from the Droid of Doom, and Valdor blows up the last droid. Then they lose their pursuers in the twists and turns of the city streets, and find a quiet and isolated place to stop.

There they interrogate Lesan Dos and his double, the ISB agent Nonul. With a mix of mediocre persuasion, intimidation, and no small amount of torture, they learn that the Sarlacc Project is based in the Imeci Spire and that Dos’ code cylinder can gain them access; there are two ways in that seem possible, the plaza at ground level, or Level 185 control.

The heroes convince themselves that killing the prisoners is in everyone’s best interests, and end their lives. They dump the bodies, then head off to rest for the night in their hostel.

In the morning the heroes approach the construction company responsible for some of the work on the Spire, intent on gaining permits to deliver cargo to the workers there. Thanks to some smooth talking by Valdor, following a plan concocted by Riddick- concerning an investigation into a technician who might be a saboteur- and backed up by the presence of a gun-toting Tracer and Droid of Doom, they manage to convince the tech’s boss and get the necessary permits to gain access; with not a shot fired.

Permits in hand, they board their speeder and head straight to the Spire, directly to Level 185. After a short wait, they land and enter the Control Room, quickly convincing the chief controller that they need to have a look around. To distract the Imperial Technicians from looking too deeply into their cover story, Riddick uses a Force Illusion to make smoke pour from a vent, and in the confusion the heroes hasten into the lift and head up, coming out at Level 188 while looking for a way deeper into the complex.

The ‘not shots fired’ stops when they enter the foyer and the guards on duty ask for the password: not knowing what that that is, they hesitate and the guards seal the doors, lock the lift, and trigger the gas that starts to pour into the room.

As the guards call for reinforcements and alert their bosses, the heroes ignite and draw weapons, and start blasting away at the reinforced window blocking access to the guards. The gas proves ineffective, as the heroes are tougher than that; and besides, one of them is a Jedi and the other a Super Battle Droid.

Tracer shatters the window, allowing Riddick to jump inside the guard room, and Valdor to open fire with a burst of blaster bolts that injures two of the four guards. One of them lobs a stun grenade, and although it catches most of the heroes in the blast, it has minimal effect.

The first guard falls to a series of rapid shots from Tracer, the second to Riddick’s ligthsabre. Other bolts fly but miss or deflect off armour. One guard picks up his electro-staff and attacks the Jedi, but his swing is easily blocked.

The other two guards quickly follow, with Tracer taking out one with another flurry of shots, and Riddick cutting down the last. But as they find controls to shut off the gas and open the doors, a pair of veteran guards exit the corridor to the detention level; both immediately attack, one opening fire and hitting Valdor, the other striking the Droid of Doom, whose shield absorbs most of the shots.

Riddick retaliates and beheads one of the veterans, and combined fire from Tracer and the Droid of Doom takes out the last.

Back in the guard room, Valdor hacks into the computer and disables the ray shields blocking the corridor, allowing Tracer to quickly take care of the two blaster turrets guarding the blastdoor to the detention cells. After a quick examination of the adjacent rooms (storage and a medical bay, with a couple of spare med kits), the heroes get ready to enter the detention area…

End of Session


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