Star Wars: Dawn of Defiance

Interlude: Opening Crawl
Mission to Pola IV

Episode IIIa: Interlude

Mission to Pola IV

While former Imperial Admiral Gilder Varth continues to search for clues to the identity of Project Sarlacc, our heroes act as couriers and messengers for the Resistance, helping to build contacts and establish resources.

On board their new ship, the Heart of Alderaan, the heroes are on a mission to the planet Pola IV, a swamp world with a toxic atmosphere, where a communications relay station is awaiting new supplies. Their mission is simple: deliver the supplies and return with the latest reports on Imperial communications in that sector.

But when the heroes arrive in the system, the station does not respond to their hails. As they approach a derelict ship, the station’s small frieghter, hangs lifeless in orbit.

As the heroes head towards the ship, they can not help but have a bad feeling about the mission…

Episode Three: Session Three
Battle Over Bespin

The Gallofree Medium Transport identified as the Shackles of Nizon floats in space, illuminated by the light from Bespin below. A massive Tibanna gas hauling starship, laden with the explosive substance, barrels through space directly toward the slave ship.

However, between the heroes and the Tibanna gas hauler is nearly an entire squadron of the Empire’s newly commissioned and fresh off the production line, Imperial TIE fighters. Eight of the flat-winged vessels scream toward you, lasers flashing even at a great distance.

It is quickly apparent, that the heroes are no space combat pilots. Only Valdor seems to know how to fly the small fighters, but even he is no match for trained Imperial Pilots. The prototype TIE/In Fighters engage the heroes in dogfights, keeping them from the transports as they hurtle towards one another. In the distance, the Imperial Star Destroyer Assiduous looms.

The heroes take a heavy pounding, shields quickly depleting and Riddick finds himself close to being destroyed. The heroes manage to take out a few of the fighters, but they have done their job: the two transports collide with a mighty explosion, removing all evidence of the Empire’s dealing with the Hutt, and ending the lives of nearly 4000 slaves.

Knowing that they can do no more, the heroes take off and escape into Hyperspace, with heavy hearts.

End of Session

NB: There is now an interlude of six months before the Interlude Adventure that takes place between the first two Acts of the campaign. The heroes are now Level Six.

Episode Three: Session Three
An Unfortunate End

On the last day of the sabacc tournament, Valdor is still in the game and has every chance of winning. As the game draws to a close, the heroes notice Lieutenant Arandis slip something that looks like a code to Lady Fioro, who must be the agent of Darga the Hutt.

But before they can act on this, the tournament ends with a surprise winner: Valdor!

As the chief of the casino hands over the account codes, all hell breaks loose as Silas Draver pulls a blaster and demands that the credits be handed over to him: his men, secreted about the place, pull blasters too, and three of the casino droids suddenly turn into allies as they too pull out blasters. They droids start firing into the crowd, taking out innocents, as well as blasting Lieutenant Arman Arendis to the ground, and mortally wounding Lady Mirana Fioro.

The heroes retaliate, pulling out their own weapons and open fire. Valdor takes a hit and dives for cover, while one of Draver’s goons kills Vorn Zaday. As Riddick deflects and blocks attacks coming his way, Valdor takes another hit and keeps under cover as he struggles with the pain. Tracer and The Droid of Doom let loose with their blasters, taking out one of the droids and wounding several of the goons.

Riddick takes out a droid, while the Droid of Doom wounds Silas Draver and Tracer takes out another goon. The rest of the goons and droids fall quickly, and then the Droid of Doom finishes off Silas Draver.

In the aftermath, as security guards try to get the room under control, and the news that Imperial Troops have entered the area, the heroes quickly interrogate Lady Mirana Fioro and learn that Darga the Hutt is in Hanger Bay 4474, and no doubt getting ready to leave.

Wasting no more time, the heroes head for the hanger bay, but only after Riddick transfers some of his life energy to the Lady, using the Force.

Hurrying along the corridors and walkways of the city, the heroes find themselves caught between Bespin Wing Guards on one side, and Imperial Stormtroopers and an officer on the other. The fight is over quickly, with both Tracer and the Droid of Doom discovering the joys of autofire: while the droid starts by taking off Wing Guards, the former clone takes out his former allies, blasting three troopers dead in a single volley of blaster bolts. The other guards and troopers fall soon after, with both Valdor and Riddick lending a hand.

At the hanger bay, the heroes find Darga the Hutt about to board his ship, with a large battle droid acting as bodyguard. A number of zabrak pilots are about to board Z-95 Headhunters, and as soon as the heroes enter the bay, Darga orders their deaths.

The first kill goes to Tracer as he takes out a pilot; but they soon discover that these pilots are skilled combatants, excellent shots with their pistols. Riddick Force Blasts one, while the Droid moves into a better position, and Valdor encourages his friends with a few well chosen words. Darga curses them for traitors and fools, and looks forward to their deaths.

As more blaster bolts fly, and the Droid of Doom’s shields take a pounding, Valdor heads over to one of the starfighters and gets in, quickly flicking switches to charge the weapons and repulsor lift. Riddick deflects a blast from Darga, the Droid takes out another pilot, and fails to recharge his shields.

Then a patrol of Stormtroopers enter the bay, but are quickly blasted by Tracer using autofire. Valdor fires the ship’s cannons, blasting one of the other vessels. Then the tables turn on the pilots and troopers, and in rapid succession one pilot after another falls to both the Droid of Doom and Tracer, while Riddick takes care of the remaining troopers, and Valdor takes out a pilot and disables Darga’s ship’s engines.

Then both Tracer and the Droid of Doom combine their fire and take out Darga the Hutt, who falls to the floor, mortally wounded. With is dying breath, he tells the heroes that they are too late: already the Empire is taking action to ensure that the evidence of his involvement is removed; up above the planet, there is a gas hauler on a collision course with a ship full of slaves!

As he dies, Darga gives a low groan and rolls his eyes before letting out a wheezing laugh. His words are almost dragged out of him, but despite this, he seems to be smiling that sickly Hutt smile that often graces his enormous face.

“I should have killed you the first time you walked into my palace. You think you’ve done something right, but you’re gravely mistaken. At least those slaves would have lived if I’d sold them, but you’ve condemned them to die. The Empire won’t let them live on the chance that they might reveal the truth. The deaths of thousands will be on your hands!”

The heroes scramble into the starfighters and blast off into space, to deal with the Imperials!


Episode Three: Session Two– The Tournament
The Tournament Begins

The first day of the Cloud City Sabacc Tournament opens with hundreds of sentient beings packed into the Royal Casino. Members of many species dot the predominantly Human audience, and the sounds of droids dealing sabacc cards rise over the din. The clank of glasses and hum of conversation fills the air, but at each of the sabacc tables, there is mostly silence except for the occasional words of a gambler placing his bets. Servant droids wheel about in the crowd, and members of the Royal’s security force keep a watchful eye over the proceedings.

Valdor is the hero acting as the Sabacc Player, and during his time there he gets to meet the various players who are worthy of attention: a rodian called Creeska, a female neimodian named Vorn Zaday, a Twi’lek starship captain, Koroma Moro, a noble woman called Lady Mirana Fioro, and finally a human gambler calling himself Silas Draver. By the end of the second day, these players, along with Valdor are in the top ranks.

During the second day, Valdor gets to sit in on the game with the Imperial Agent, Lieutenant Arman Arendis, who he chats to and learns little. It is obvious to the heroes that this is the agent from the Empire, but they have no idea who is Darga the Hutt’s agent. One thing Valdor does learn is that the Lieutenant, after each hand, he stacks his cards neatly on top of one another and slides them face down back to the dealer. Lt. Arandis does this every single time, with practiced motion, like clockwork.

As the second day draws to a close, the heroes retire to their suite, ready for the final rounds the next day: where they hope to learn who Darga’s agent is, and learn where the Hutt is hiding: and maybe, just maybe, win the 510,000 credit pot!

End of Session Two

Episode Three: Session Two
The Baron

Following the clues given to them by Kyrgg and Fyren the heroes head off to the Yerith Hotel, and in the lobby they witness an argument between an Imperial Baron and the clerks.
Valdor recognises the Baron as none other than Kithriss, who he knew during his time in the Imperial Senate, before the Baron betrayed him and tried to arrest Valdor. It is Kithriss who is ultimately responsible for Valdor being on the run from the Empire. He is also an Imperial Agent, with a bodyguard of ageing Clone Troopers and a pair of Theelin women.

Realising that they have an opportunity, the heroes wait for the Baron to leave, then pretend to be one of his aides and bluff the clerk into letting them into the Baron’s suite. The presence of Tracer helps, since he is a Clone too.

The heroes enter the impressive and luxury suite of Baron Kithriss and quickly search the place. It takes Valdor (with some help) nearly half-an-hour to decrypt various files without leaving a trace of their presence. They establish that the Baron is acting as an Agent for the Empire, but that he is under cover. He is there merely as an observer and is awaiting a message from his superiors as to what he is to do during the tournament. As the heroes try to hook up a wireless link to enable them to intercept any such message, the lift doors chime: the Baron and his entourage have returned, and they are alert,knowing that intruders have entered. As the Baron and his men spread out, the heroes so far unseen, the other doors of the suite open to reveal the other half of his guards: they spot the heroes at the same time the Baron spies Valdor lurking behind a door.

Naturally enough, a fight breaks out: at first the Baron and his men try to stun the intruders, but it soon becomes clear that stunning them just isn’t going to work.

The first kill goes to Tracer who blasts a Clone, feeling a twinge of sympathy as he does so. The battle-crazed Droid of Doom catches one of the Theelin women a glancing blow with his blaster fire, and Riddick buys them all some time by using the Force to close the door, sealing off two of the Clone Troopers for a few seconds.

More fire between each side, with Tracer taking out another clone, the Droid and Valdor hitting others, and Riddick using the Force to slam the two Theelin bodyguards into each other, knocking them to the carpeted floor. None of the heroes take a hit, the Droid’s shields absorbing the few bolts that come its way.

Valdor takes out a third Clone, as the others move into better positions. The Droid of Doom blasts away with his blasters on auto-fire, wounding the two women. Riddick blocks the vibro-blades aimed at his head, and deflects a blaster bolt from the Baron. One of the Theelin sisters is knocked out, then Tracer takes out the other, and Droid of Doom kills the last Clone.

Baron Kithriss finds himself alone, but before he can flee, Tracer, the Droid of Doom and Valdor combine their fire and knock the Baron unconscious, taking him prisoner.

As they wait, taking advantage of the suite, the message that the Baron was waiting for comes through:

Missive from Coruscant: Transaction codename SARLACC065824 set
to occur during Cloud City Sabacc Tournament as planned. The Hutt
has assured us that his agent will be present to receive the handoff.
An officer from the Assiduous will be taking part in the tournament.
The transaction will occur during play so as to avoid arousing
suspicion. You are responsible only for observing this transaction
and making sure that the Hutt’s agent does nothing to endanger the
secrecy of the arrangement. Under no circumstances are you to
interfere with the transaction. Once the transaction is complete,
send a confirmation message to Coruscant standard relay 88-Shen-
Xesh-3, then return to Chandrila. No further instructions will

The heroes decide that they need to get in the tournament. Thankfully, the Baron had a back-up fund with just enough credits to get one of them into the event: Valdor is chosen, the other three bluffing their way into acting as his bodyguards/spectators, along with a letter declaring that they can bring their weapons with them.

They then head off to the tournament…

Episode Three: Session One
Pigs in Space

Episode Three: Queen of Air and Darkness

Following Darga the Hutt to the planet Bespin, the heroes of the emerging Alderaanian Resistance arrive at Cloud City in the midst of its busiest period: in a couple of days time the great Sabacc Grand Tournament is due to take place.

After landing the Banshee, and with Captain Okeefe and her droid co-pilot, Crash staying with the ship to monitor communications and provide a quick exit, the heroes leave their weapons behind (smuggling a couple in the Droid of Doom’s hidden compartment, and begin their search for Darga.

Their initial enquiries bring them no closer to learning his whereabouts, and when Valdor tries to slice into the computer network, he triggers an alarm and gets a warning from a local security guard. The heroes quickly realise that the Hutt doesn’t want to be found and has ensured that he is left alone, and hidden.

But then a message arrives at the Banshee, warning them off from asking too many questions. Crash manages to trace it to its source and sends the heroes directions. They follow it to an administration office in the lower levels of the city, to the Parliament of Guilds, a bureaucratic enforcement centre that keeps tabs on the working guilds and unions of the local Ugnaught population. There the heroes meet Kyrgg and Fyren, who sent the message to warn the heroes off, partly in case they cause trouble, but also because they hope that the heroes are not friends of Darga the Hutt and would be willing to help them out: turns out that Darga is in league with some members of the Tibanna Gas exporters, Figgs and Associates. These unscrupulous Ugnaughts are siphoning off gas to sell to the Hutt, who in turn sells it to agents of the Empire. They know more, but want the heroes help before they reveal what else they know.

Kyrgg and Fyren tell the heroes that the rebel Ugnaughts are, at this very moment, working in one of the lower gas refineries. If they heroes can stop them, ideally without killing them, then the Parliament would be grateful. All they really want is for their reputation to remain intact, and for criminals like the Hutt to leave them to their work.

The heroes agree and soon find themselves in a noisy and misty refinery, where several Ugnaught workers are busy siphoning off gas. The workers boss, a fierce looking porcine with intelligent and cruel eyes, directs from.

To being with Valdor and Riddick try talking to them, with the young Jedi using his Mind Trick to help. It seems to be getting them somewhere, when the intimidating and battle-hungry Droid of Doom steps up too close to the boss, shifting the conversation into a direct blaster firing confrontation; which Tracer is happy about, even if he is currently missing his favourite blaster carbine.

Ugnaughts are no match for hardened Resistance Fighters, even with a flock of mynocks getting in their faces. It takes the heroes little time to blow each and every Ugnaught into pieces. Some of the small porcine people manage to get a few shots to count, even knocking out the droid’s shields, but little more than that.

Taking the news of the Ugnaughts’ defeat back to Kyrgg and Fyren, the heroes learn that Darga the Hutt is due to make a transaction with an Imperial Agent during the Sabacc Tournament, using the game as cover. And that the Yveith Hotel is a good place to start looking; that and the Royal Casino, of course.

And that is where the heroes head next, as the day ends and night comes to Cloud City.

End of Session One

Episode Three
Opening Crawl

Episode Three

Episode III
The search for the truth continues. Darga the Hutt, fleeing his palace on
Cato Neimoidia, has traveled to the planet Bespin to seek refuge.
Bespin, home to the famous resort and mining outpost known as Cloud City,
remains free of Imperial rule for the time being, and the city teems
with criminals and gamblers.
Meanwhile, intrepid heroes working with the Alderaanian Resistance travel to Bespin
to find the Hutt and learn more about his dealings with the Galactic Empire . . .

Episode Two: Session Five
Final Session

The heroes descend in the tubrolift, after fusing the controls to prevent anyone bringing them back up. As soon as they arrive at the lower dungeon level, they open the door and come face-to-face with a startled Gamorrean guard: which the Droid of Doom immediately blasts, vaporising the guard’s face.

Everyone piles out of the lift, discovering that they are in a detention level, with cell doors along one side of the rusting, leaky corridor. Another door, guarded by a hulking Gamorrean stands at the end of the corridor, and a door next to the lift opens as Riddick presses a button: inside is a control room, with more guards. As the heroes move in to deal with them, a guard hits the alarm.

In less than a minute the guards are either dead or unconscious; compared to the events in the palace above this fight goes much in the heroes favour, luck or the force is with them. They shut off the alarm and investigate the door that was guarded: they also discover Warrick Raden in one of the cells, and release him. He shows them a secret door and tunnel that leads out of the dungeon and up into the throne room above.

Inside the guarded cell the heroes discover two things: a jailer, who is swiftly dispatched, and an old woman hooked up to a coma-inducing life support machine. With his knowledge of such machines and a great deal of skill, Valdor deactivates the machine and brings the woman around without causing her any damage. The woman is groggy and her mind fuzzy, but introduces herself as Denia, a Jedi Master who was captured in battle during the Clone Wars. She has been kept her even since, imprisoned. It was her mind and whispers that Riddick and Tracer picked up in the night.

Knowing that time is running out and that their jail-break will have been noticed, the heroes and their freed prisoners, rush up through the secret tunnel and arrive at the throne room. Riddick senses his surroundings through the force, and learns that there are several Gamorrean guards outside, plus the Trandoshan they saw in the throne room: and a force-sensitive person, who turns out to be none other than Igren Demos!

As they sneak out of the tunnel, they are in time to hear the end of a conversation between Igren Demos and a holographic image of a tall man dressed in dark robes with a lightsaber hanging at his belt.

“The Hutt has fled aboard his personal yacht,” Demos says respectfully.

“I am on my way now, with the Assiduous,” the hologram of the handsome man says. “Pray that you have not summoned the Empire on a fool’s errand, for the Inquisitorius is not gentle with those who deal with Jedi.”

The hologram fades, and the Neimoidian straightens slowly, looking pale.

The heroes suspect that the image belongs to none other than Inquisitor Draco, who they know has been in contact with Igren and was also coming to interrogate Admiral Gilder Varth, who they rescued in their first mission.

The heroes move into the room and battle begins: while the heroes deal with the enemy, they intend to make their way to the exit, taking Warrick Raden and Denia with them: a quick communication with Sirona Okeefe on the Banshee arranges a pick-up nearby.

But their escape is not so easy: no sooner have the heroes left the tunnel, the Gamorrean guards charge in, blocking the most direct route; then the Trandoshan bodyguard of Igren starts firing, and a few words of encouragement from the Neimodian helps direct his fire.

Riddick lands the first blow, his lightsabre slicing through the armour of a guard; Valdor hit another with a lucky shot, and Tracer takes out a guard with a well-aimed shot. The gun happy Droid of Doom misses, but distracts one of the guards, who fails to land a blow. The Padawan takes a hit from a guard, his vibro-ax cutting a thin line of red across the jedi’s shirt. This disrupts his concentration, and his attempt to summon the Force fails.

More blaster fire flies across the room: the former Clone Trooper takes out another guard, but is in turn struck by an axe. The Droid takes a hit, and his shot goes wide. The former Senator takes down a guard, with a shot between the eyes; and the Jedi parries a blow from his opponent’s axe, sending sparks flying into the air.

The young Jedi, in pain and trying to defend himself and allow Denia to edge past, fails in his Force Blast, his mind not focused enough; he blocks another hit and moves to block the guard’s way. The Droid of Doom takes out another guard, while the bodyguard hits Valdor with a powerful shot that staggers the young Zabrak, and Tracer fires over his head, hitting another guard, but barely injuring him.

Riddick finally gets his stuff together and summons the Force: he hurls the Trandoshan at Igren, but is surprised when Igren Rebukes his attack, deflecting the flying reptile, who instead slams into the floor, injured. More blaster fire is exchanged, and another hefty hit takes out the Droid’s shields, who fails to recharge them. Then Igren Demos summons the Force and hurls Droid of Doom straight into Riddick, injuring both. He laughs, then curses as he sees that they are still standing. Tracer shoots him as he laughs, and lets out a whoop of laughter as the shot hits, badly wounding the force-user.

Getting their breath back, Tracer, Riddick and Valdor manage to move nearer the exit, while the Droid edges up; Denia and Warrick are both through, although Warrick has headed the other way to the other exit. Then Igren steps up and lets loose a powerful Force Slam, knocking Riddick, Tracer and the Droid prone: the droid takes a further hit as a guard slams his axe into the droid, renting the armour and sending a flurry of sparks into the air. The Trandoshan takes advantage of the attack and fires at Riddick, who skilfully deflects the shot. Tracer does an agile flip from prone, coming to his feet in a swift move; then taking a shot at Igren, but the Neimodian’s bodyguard dives in, taking the shot like the loyal reptile he is. Then a guard, a Gamorrean who got caught in the slam and was also knocked prone, proves that his race aren’t all slow and clumsy, and also flips to his feet, swinging his axe and knocking Riddick back as he cuts into the Jedi’s flesh.

Then, for a few seconds, it looks like the heroes luck has turned bad. Of the heroes, only Tracer lands a hit, taking out the last of the Gamorrean guards. The Trandoshan takes down the Droid of Doom, who collapses in an explosion of sparks.

Then Warrick Raden, tired of the abuse he has suffered from the likes of Darga the Hutt and his men, grabs a blaster and fires a perfectly aimed shot at Igren Demos: the Neimodian falls to the floor, out cold.

The Trandoshan guards his boss, allowing the heroes and their prisoners to escape. Soon after they are boarding the Banshee and heading back to the Resurgence with a rescued Jedi Master in tow.

End of Episode Two

Episode Two: Session Four
A Knife in the Dark

Night. All is quiet in the palace of Darga the Hutt. Snores drift along corridors, but faintly, as if unwilling to disturb the night.

Asleep, Riddick and Tracer find themselves dreaming. In their dreams they hear a voice, calling for help, but it drifts through a thick fog, faint and indistinct. A figure fades in and out of view, an old woman, trapped and locked away behind bars of darkness.

“Beware! Danger!”

The sudden sharpness of the dream-voice awakens the two heroes, in time to see the doors to their quarters slid open with a faint hiss, revealing a pair of Quarren holding blaster pistols and moving into the rooms.

In the next room along, Valdor and his Droid of Doom are also awakened, and they slowly awake and power-up, as a third Quarren raises a blaster and takes aim at the prone ex-Senator.

Recognising assassins when they see them, the heroes rest no time with words or hesitate. Blasters and carbines are drawn from beneath the beds, and the Padawan smoothly brings up his lightsabre with a snap-hiss that sounds loud in the former silence of the night.

The assassins open fire, catching glancing blows against the former Senator and Clone Trooper; the bolt meant for the Jedi is expertly deflected, burning an ugly hole in the wall.

The heroes return fire, and all but Tracer leap out of their beds, move out of their rooms, and engage the enemy. Which is when a black-furred wookie, one of the Slavers they met the evening before, enters the fray, intent on taking out the heroes quickly.

Whether from being rudely awakened, or just plain bad luck, the heroes find themselves disadvantaged, missing with their attacks, but some luck must be with them as their enemies also have a hard time landing any further blows. Riddick blocks and deflects numerous blaster bolts, but the fight wears him down; the Droid of Doom has an even harder time, unable to land a single shot at first, but also judged as unimportant by the assassins, who are too intent on hitting the living foes rather than take out a droid.

Then their luck turns, and the heroes start hitting. In quick succession the assassins fall to blaster bolts and the cutting blade of a lightsabre. In less than a minute, all but the wookie lies dead at their feet.

Darga the Hutt wakens when his guards discover what has happened, and promises the heroes that he will make whoever was responsible pay for the attempted assassination. Then the hutt goes back to bed, satisfied that he has done all he needs to do.

His protocol droid, TC-663, escorts the heroes to their room; and when they are alone he informs them that he, in addition to working for the hutt, is employed as an information gathered by none other than Switch, the Crime Lord the heroes met when they first began their adventures. He tells them that he has noticed that there have been communication exchanges with Imperials during the night, and that an encrypted data stick has the communicator’s identity: if the heroes can decode it, he will share the information with them. Valdor breaks the code easily and learns that the Hutt’s right-hand man, Igren Demos has been communicating with an Imperial Agent, but no name appears. There is also reference to a prisoner, who has been kept in the dungeon below and will be ready when the unknown Imperial arrives to collect. This ties in with the dream that Riddick and Tracer shared.

As six-six leaves them, the heroes decided that they will take advantage of the night and seek out the dungeon and the prisoner. As they set off to do so, they bump into the duros called Gome, who was awakened by the fighting. A brief conversation with him reveals that the alien is Darga’s accountant, and that the hutt is involved with supplying tibanna gas (from a holding on Bespin) to the Empire, in exchange for low-quality slaves. He seems to know nothing about anys secret project, but the heroes suspect that it is somehow involved. After all, the gas is used in weapons and hyperdrives, and is a valuable commodity.

With some more information under their belt, the heroes continue. They stealthily make their way to the turbolifts, aiming for the restricted one that they think leads to the dungeon. Distracting the on-duty Gammorrean guard with a Jedi Mind Trick, Riddick starts to cut into the back of the lift, hoping to bypass the entrance; but the sound of the sabre cutting into the lift is loud and echoes, bringing unwanted attention: the Gammorrean warlord and one of his bashers. Followed quickly by three more guards and another basher as fighting breaks out, after an unsuccessful bluff when Tracer is spotted by the warlord.

The heroes are better prepared this time, however, and with lightning speed they quickly take down the guards. Even as the sound of blaster fire fades away, Valdor has accessed the lift’s lock and opened it. The heroes pile into the lift before any more guards appear, and with a press of the single button, they descent to the dungeon…

Episode Two: Session Three
"Gladiators Ready!"

Day Two in the Palace…

…after a good night’s sleep, with some healing to cover the wounds taken from the warehouse fight, the heroes find themselves engaged with Darga’s taste in ‘entertainment’. Knowing that to learn anything they need to curry favour with the Hutt, the heroes take part as much as their allegiance allows.

The morning brings a series of gladiator fights, and when Darga asks if the heroes would like to prove how good they claim to be (with the idea that they want to join his organisation), the heroes agree to fight one of the Hutt’s top teams: a seemingly fearsome team of five foes, three gamorreans, a blaster carrying rodian, and a custom-made killer droid armed with a grenade launcher: the Karg Brothers, Zayda, and RX-7246.

High above the gladiator pit, Darga the Hutt presides over the beginning of the match, looking down on you with a slimy grin. Standing just to his left is the protocol droid translator, who relays the Hutt’s decree down to you: “Fight for the chance to be my personal gladiator team! Riches and fame for all who are strong enough to seize them!” With that, the Hutt blows a massive horn that echoes throughout the open gladiator pit. Dirt crunches underfoot, and flickering light shines on you from the lamps mounted around the perimeter.

And as his words die down, before the signal to fight is given, the melee begins when the Droid of Doom blasts away, aiming for the opposition’s droid; Tracer follows his lead, but sadly both miss.

The fighting is once again quick and ferocious, lasting a little over a minute as axes swing, lightsabres buzz and blaster bolts fly; along with a couple of deadly fragmentation grenades.

Zayda falls fairly quick, injured by Tracer, and then felled by the former Clone Trooper. The RV unit manages to seriously injure both Valdor and Tracer, but they remain standing and with Valdor’s skill at healing, both remain able to fight. The Droid of Doom blasts away, hitting and wounding the Brother Karg, and with a perfectly aimed shot manages to destroy RX-7246, scattering his smouldering parts all over the arena. Riddick finds himself in melee with the Karg Brothers again and again, their hefty axes falling short most times, and his lightsabre parrying blow-after-blow-after-blow; then his allies help, and in quick succession Tracer and the Droid of Doom take out the Brothers, knocking two unconscious, killing one.

Darga is impressed, more so because they didn’t kill all of his best team.

As the day draws on, in the afternoon Darga the Hutt announces it is time for the daily Droid Race: using special visor that connect a person to the droid/racing vehicle, the operator remotely controls a droid racer around a course set-up in the blood-stained arena. Once again, the Hutt asks the heroes if they would like to participate, and Valdor agrees.

A three-lap course, Valdor starts off behind two opponents, but just marginally ahead of Igren Demos. But then the droid controlled by an aggressive gamorrean, who rams Igren right out of the race, much to his annoyance. In the second lap, Valdor just pulls in the lead, and then ultimately wins by default when his two opponents decide to ram each other, and take themselves out of the race. Again, Darga finds it amusing and even goes so far as to reward Valdor a gaudy necklace worth a good 200 credits.

As evening approaches, several disgruntled slavers, of the small time Iron Ring, storm into the throne room, demanding to speak. Their Zabrak leader says: “The slaves you have been selling us are worthless, Darga! They have been dying before we can even get them to market. They are used
up—second-rate! I want my credits back for the last four shipments!”

As the Hutt argues, Tracer and Valdor both spot a twi’lek slave that came with the slavers, slipping poison in Darga’s drink: Valdor knocks the drink over, while Tracer shouts out what has just happened and alerts the Hutt. Darga the Hutt is angry, but very pleased that the heroes have just- maybe- saved his life; the slavers submit to the Hutt’s deal and slink away, scared of repercussions.

Now in the Hutt’s favour, the heroes are given their own guest rooms and after a feast, the palace goes to sleep.

And during the night…


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