Star Wars: Dawn of Defiance

Star Wars: Dawn of Defiance
Opening Crawl, Episode One

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Episode I


It is a dark time in the galaxy. The evil Galactic Empire has spread from the Deep Core to the Outer Rim, and everywhere the Empire’s tyranny can be felt.

Fleeing from the oppression of the Emperor’s minions, agents of Senator Bail Organa have run to a remote space station above Brentaal.

Known to be a vocal opponent of the Empire, Organa may be the last hope of freedom in the galaxy. In the hopes of stopping these dissidents before they can reach the Senator, the Empire has alerted its forces on Sel Zonn Station, where the struggle for liberty rages on, and the first sparks of rebellion have begun to burn. . . .

Episode One: session one
session one

While relaxing in the lower level Cantina, the friendly mechanic called Maya stumbles into the party’s booth, wounded and in need of help.

No sooner has she asked for the heroes help, two Imperial agents and two Imperial Stormtroopers shove their way through the patrons, bringing out blasters and telling everyone to move out of the way: “There she is,” shouts one. “Set to stun!”

Blaster bolts fly as the agents open fire, followed by the heroes returning fire from their booth, using the tables and wall as cover. A fierce and brief fire-fight takes place, bolts flying into tables and punching holes in the bar; while the patrons and barman dive for cover, a voice yelling out, “No blasters! No blasters!” but his cries going unheard.

Tracer, former Clone Trooper turned fugitive, takes out a Stormtrooper with a single shot, blasting a hole in his chest panel. Valdor, ex-senator and on the run from the anti-alien Empire, shows he is more than just a diplomat, taking out the second Stormtrooper and one of the agents in quick succession. Meanwhile, the Jedi Padawan, Riddick– his lightsabre concealed– utilises the force and propels a chair into the back of the other agent, enough times to render him unconscious.

With the opposition down, the heroes help Maya out of the cantina and together they hold up in a disused store room, where they tend to Maya’s wounds and listen to her story. It turns out that she is more than a mere mechanic, but is in fact a member of the House Organa of Alderaan; a security agent no less, on a mission to retrieve some valuable cargo that needs to be delivered safely to Bail Organa. She asks the heroes for their help, and they readily agree.

Following Maya’s instructions, the trio head to cargo bay V14, where they meet with a minor crime lord and information broker, the droid known as Switch. He is surrounded by thugs, but is quite pleasant and talkative. He offers them the location of the cargo he is holding, in exchange for 2000 credits, to cover his expenses.

As they negotiate and it seems that they’ll have to somehow pay the high cost, another would-be crime lord bursts into the hold with his six minions: this is the dangerous, Ganga Lor. He has come to deal with Switch, but sees the heroes as also in his way: he and his minions attack; and after a quick exchange with Switch, offering to help him if he tells them where the cargo is, the heroes defend the droid.

The fight is fast and furious, a mixture of blaster fire and melee combat. Some of the minions are wielding vibro-axes, the others taking cover and opening fire. Ganga Lor begins blasting away at Switch, missing to begin with and taking huge chunks out of his priceless desk.

Quickly the fight turns the heroes way: Tracer takes out one, then two, then three of the minions, but suffers a few hits too. Valdor manages to deliver much-needed first aid to the soldier after a painful hit, but then a vibro-ax comes down and takes Valdor out of the fight. By the time he recovers enough to gain consciousness, with some first aid from Riddick, the fight is over. The rest of the minions are taken out by Riddick, two to the cut of his lightsabre , another to the blow of a force-propelled crate. Then Tracer takes out Ganga Lor, and all is quiet.

Switch, injured by a blast from his nemesis, but alive, honours his agreement and tells the heroes that the cargo– a man transported in secret and encased in carbonite– is in storage in the main docking bay on Blue Deck. Gathering themselves, they head out of the cargo bay and into the station.

Notes: Tracer had the most ‘kills’, including taking out Ganga Lor; Riddick took out three, only one dead, the rest unconscious; Valdor took out two. Tracer took a blaster carbine from one of the Stormtroopers; while Riddick took a comlink from one of the agents. They also looted 300 credits from Gangor-lor.

Episode One: Session Two

Following directions given to them by Switch the heroes locate the Docking Bay the cargo rests within: the main hanger bay of the Imperialist Blue Deck. Before heading there, they stop off at their quarters, collecting their belongings, picking up the senator’s battle droid, and letting Maya know what is going on. She tells them that if they send her a message, she’ll have a friend and fellow agent come and pick them up, swooping into the bay before they all blast off and deliver the cargo to Alderaan.

Passing through Blue Deck is simple enough, but upon entering the main docking bay, the heroes discover a squad of Stormtrooper and an Imperial Officer occupying the bay.

The Imperial Officer immediately questions their authority concerning their presence in the bay, and Valdor successfully bluffs their way; but only up to a point. The Imperial Officer needs to see their authority, and gestures them over to him. While Trace hangs back, ready to blast away, the others– Valdor, his nameless droid, and Riddick, Padawan Jedi– approach the Officer at his console, pretending to be there to collect some cargo.

All seems to be going well, until the Officer sees that the proffered datapad is blank and asks Valdor to check in with his contact, to authorise the transfer; at this moment, the doors of a nearby storage bay open and a repulsor sled hovers out, driven by a stormtrooper with a carbonite slab in its back.

Valdor communicates with Maya, telling her to come and pick them up, while trying to change the cargo manifest so that they can take the cargo away without bloodshed. Sadly, the Imperial encryption is too complicated and he fails, sending the console bleeding an alarm.

And before the Officer has a chance to question it, Valdor pulls his blaster and fires: missing but blowing a sizeable hole in the console. Taking this as a clue that it is time to fight, the other heroes take advantage of their surprise and blast away, Riddick igniting his lightsabre; and Tracer takes the first kill by blasting the sled driver off his perch, knocking him unconscious with a well-aimed blast.

The fight is fast and deadly: in the first few seconds another trooper falls, the Officer is wounded by another shot by Valdor, and a trooper replaces the driver on the sled, aiming its cannon at the battle-droid blasting away at the nearest Stormtrooper.

Another trooper falls to Tracer’s well-placed blaster fire; and Valdor ducks as his droid takes out the Officer with its wrist blasters. But then the cannon fires: and with an explosion of sparks, the droid crashes to the floor.

A few more blasts echo around the bay, all sides taking damage; another trooper falls to concentrated blaster bolts, and the droid reactivates and stands, blasting down his previous attacker; but the trooper’s comrade takes issue with this attack and blasts away, a perfectly aimed shot once more taking the droid out of the fight.

But that is all the luck the Stormtrooper recruits have: a few seconds later the rest are dead, two virtually cut in two by Riddick’s energy blade, the others taken down by blaster fire from the others.

In the silence that follows, a starship flies into the bay; a Baudo-class space yacht called the Banshee, sent by Maya to collect the heroes and the cargo. Quickly they board the ship, and in minutes are beyond the station and making the jump into hyperspace.

Next stop: Alderaan.

The ‘Droid of Doom’ was taken out twice this encounter, both ‘kill-shots’ negated by use of a Force Point. One was from a blast from the sled’s powerful cannon, the other from a critical hit from the blaster carbine of a Stormtrooper. Everyone else managed to avoid any serious damage, and all successfully recovered the cargo and flew off on-board the ship before any reinforcements arrived.

The PCs are now Level 2.

Episode One: Session Three
A Mission for Organa

After escaping from the Sel Zonn Station, the heroes are taken to Alderaan to meet Bail Organa, where they are given a mission (readily accepted by all) to infiltrate an Imperial facility- a prison- on the planet Felucia, and rescue an Imperial Admiral that is looking to defect.

The journey to the planet is simple enough, but upon leaving hyperspace the Banshee almost runs right into a Victory-class Star Destroyer, which turns to pursue. Skilful piloting by Sirona Okeefe and Crash brings the ship down without any Imperial entanglements, but the ship is damaged and a quick inspection reveals that a day or so is needed to fix it.

So the heroes head off into the mushroom jungles of the planet, heading in the direction of the facility. They encounter some native Felucians on their way, and manage to avoid any hostile encounter by some quick-thinking diplomacy from Riddick and Valdor.

The natives escort the heroes to their village, where they find another human, an ex-Separatist called Mandrake, who acts as their translator. After learning something of their mission, Mandrake also gives them an explosive device that he has, having once planned to destroy the facility himself.

The heroes befriend the natives and, with Valdor’s skill, treat some sick children. Riddick exchanges philosophy on the Force with the village chief, and learns how to use a power that the natives use naturally, being in tune with the Force.

Next day, with a guide to show them they way, the heroes are all set to head off to the facility. But before they do, they hear and see a speeder bike and a scout trooper racing off; it is obvious that they have been seen, and that he must be stopped.

Jumping on some kybuks, the heroes give chase through the jungle and swamp, gaining and losing ground as they go. Tracer gets close enough to blast the trooper, but as he does so, a second scout comes speeding past, and the chase is on once again.

Tracer proves most able with his mount and he is first to ride into a clearing, followed closely by Valdor and then the others. There is a small communications-relay post, together with the scout they have been chasing and another just mounting his speeder; plus a squad of four armed Stomrtroopers who look around as the sudden arrival of four mounted intruders.

Next session: fight at the relay outpost.

NOTES: a combat-light session, with only one shot fired by Tracer, taking out a scout trooper on his bike. Much diplomacy and talking, with Riddick learning (for free) the new Force power: Force Blast.

Episode One: Session Four

The fire-fight at the communications relay is fast and deadly. In less than a minute the four stormtrooper and the scout trooper lie dead, blasted or cleaved in two by Riddick’s lightsabre. Everyone takes out one of the troopers, Riddick managing to kill two with his energy sword.

The heroes return to the village and after bidding farewell to their new friends, their native guide takes them to the facility: a two-storey converted Imperial Communications Bunker, turned into a drab grey prison with a single blast-door entrance, with a squad of stormtroopers, patrolling speeders and the ominous thud of a walker nearby.

Thankfully the guide knows of a damaged ventilation hatch that leads the heroes into a storage bay within the facility; their guide stays outside, hidden and waiting for their return.

Inside the facility the heroes walk out into a lobby with turbolifts and doors leading off. Straight away they walk through a door, the Droid of Doom leading the way: right into a fully manned communications centre, with three officers and a lieutenant who are surprised to see an old Clone War droid walk into their room.

Immediately the droid opens fire, blasting an officer before he can act. Valdor shoots another, but the third manages to sound an alarm before Tracer injures him. The officer falls to the droid’s follow-up fire, and Riddick helps take out the lieutenant.

A quick search brings up a code cylinder that Tracer uses to access the plans of the base; while Valdor finds a recent message sent from the destroyer in orbit: it states that an Imperial Inquisitor, Draco by name, is a day away from collecting the Admiral the heroes are here to rescue.

Outside footsteps sound. The Droid readies his blasters, and opens fire as the door opens to reveal a stormtrooper; who ducks out of the way as the blaster bolt scores a hole in the wall.

Two troopers are outside: the droid quickly kills one, but as Valdor blasts and injures the other, he manages to stand up and lobs a grenade amongst the heroes, wounding them; then Tracer fires back and fells the trooper.

Quickly they all move into the lobby, where another two troopers come into view. Riddick charges in, as the Droid opens fire, doing no damage but helping distract them from Riddick’s attack: a matter of seconds later, both troopers lie dead.

All seems quiet as the party spread out, looking around for troopers and deciding where to head next: the med bay, or straight to the prison?

Before they decide, the Imperial Gunner walks round the corner, looking for the other troopers, blaster cannon in his hands: he opens fire, missing by a hair’s breadth, and dodging return fire form the heroes. Valdor takes the opportunity to treat Riddick’s and Tracer’s injuries, while the circuit-fazed Droid charges the gunner, baton flying, missing by a mile.

The gunner fires point-blank, the blast taking a great chunk out of the droid’s chassis.

Then Riddick, sabre humming, cuts off his head.

All goes quiet, no more enemies in sight. The Droid picks up the cannon and everyone takes a moment to catch their breath…

End of session.

Next time: rescuing the Admiral.

NOTES: A great session for the heroes, who are on top-form and deal more than they receive, only suffering from a well-thrown grenade. All have now been healed once by med packs; the droid needs repairing, but none have persistent conditions. The alarm has been sounded, but was disabled by Valdor. Successful Use Computer checks by Valdor, Tracer and the Droid of Doom (at the relay, to jam transmissions in the area.

Episode One: Session Five

The heroes decide to take out the medical bay first, hoping to find some healing packs inside. They cover both doors and open them at the same time, to reveal a mad Imperial scientist, a hostile 2-1B Medical Droid and two mutated and very aggressive felucian natives, with bone-blades protruding from what is left of their arms.

Tracer immediately takes out the scientist, before he can raise the alarm. A well-placed shot takes the mad man down. Valdor takes care of the droid, blowing it to pieces, and as the others engage the mutants with lightsabre and blaster fire, a hiss of opening turbo-lift doors announces the presence of a squad of four Strormtroopers that arrive on scene and hail for the intruders to surrender.

As Riddick takes care of the mutants, with a little help from the others, Tracer and the strangely named Droid of Death exchange fire with a pair of troopers, with with hits taken; but both troopers go down. Then Valdor lobs a grenade, taking out part of the turbo-lift and one of the troopers.

The last trooper retaliates by throwing his own grenade, wounding the heroes, but is quickly chased down and cut down by Riddick.

After looting the medical bay (and taking some healing stimulants), they advance on the prison. Valdor uses his expertise to unlock the door, and as soon as they are opened a pair of detention guards open fire, and a pair of stun-clawed warden droids trundle out and attack.

The fight is over quickly, with the hum and slice of a lightsabre accompanying the sounds of blaster fire and another grenade. Passing the bodies, the heroes release the prisoners: the Imperial Admiral Varth, as well as three smugglers. They arm them all, and together they head for the exit: only to discover that their way out is guarded, their guide dead, a heavy patrol outside.

A quick communication to the Banshee alerts the Captain to their predicament, and she arranges to fly in and pick them off of the roof of the facility. In three minutes time.

They then rig the explosive device into the communications centre, timing it to go off two minutes after they have been picked up. Wasting no more time, they enter the lifts and proceed to the second floor, where the command centre is: there they encounter Captain Vischera and his two mutant bodyguards. He barely has time to tell the heroes they are doomed, before Tracer takes him out with a well-aimed shot.

Then the mutants wade in, their blades cutting deeply. Riddick falls, and it is only his strength in the force that keeps him alive. With the prisoners help, the mutants fall soon after.

Then everyone heads to the roof, boards the Banshee and they speed off into space, and escape into hyperspace.

Captain Okeefe takes them to a rendezvous point, where they dock with a brand new Nebulon-B Frigate called the Resurgence. There they are debriefed and offered permanent accommodation and on-going work as agents for House Organa.

The heroes accept, and so ends Episode One.

NOTES: All the prisoners escaped with the help of the heroes; only Riddick went down, and a force point prevented his death. The PCs advanced to Level 3, ready for Episode Two.

Episode Two: A Wretched Hive
Opening Crawl

Episode Two: Opening Crawl

Episode II

Between the stars in the blackness of space, the Nebulon-B frigate Resurgence floats silently away from the prying eyes of the Empire.

Meanwhile, the galaxy continues to sink further into darkness. Each day, remnants of the Old Republic are crushed and a New Order is more firmly established.

Former Imperial Admiral Gilder Varth has provided Alderaanian agents with vital information on secret projects, and even now events are in motion to reveal the Empire’s misdeeds to the galaxy…

Episode Two: Session One

Following a briefing from former Imperial Admiral Gilder Varth, the newly retained Alderaanian Agents are whisked off to the planet Cato Neimodia in search of a Hutt called Darga, who has some knowledge regarding a secret Imperial project known as The Sarlacc Project.

Leaving Captain Okeefe with the Banshee in the docking bay, the heroes– the Droid of Doom, the ex-senator Valdor, the rebellious clone trooper Tracer and the Padawan Jedi Riddick– pass customs with a little persuasion and manage to avoid a hefty fee, only to run into trouble as soon as they exit the building.

Around the corners of the street and side roads, six swoop-bikes skim across the ground, led by a black-haired woman with hard eyes and a scarred face. She demands that they pay a ‘protection fee’ of 1000 credits apiece, or suffer the wrath of the Vipers (a local swoop-gang).

Diplomacy fails, even with a suggestion sent to the woman by a subtle use of the force: then battle breaks out as the Droid of Doom fires, narrowly missing but starting a swift and deadly fire-fight; swoop members fall quickly, but not without injury to the heroes; all except the Droid take damage, and the woman flees when injured, as does one of the gang members; the rest are either dead or out of the fight.

With the trouble over, the heroes head off in search of a hotel to act as their base, while they separate and head off in search of clues as to Darga’s whereabouts. It takes most of the day, but eventually they learn that one of the hutt’s cronies, can be found in a warehouse in the rougher part of town.

As recovered as they are able, the heroes head off to the warehouse as night falls.

NOTES: Valdor, with help, does most of the gather information and deception checks, learning about the man they need to find. It costs them 200 credits in bribes as well.

Episode Two: Session Two
"Take me to Darga"

The heroes track down one of Darga’s minions to a partially ruined warehouse; a devaronian called Warrick Raden. But the devaronian is not alone; he has a cohort of thugs and two saw & plasma cutter-armed excavation droids. He also doesn’t take kindly to the heroes entering his domain and asking to be taken to see Darga, despite Valdor trying his best to be all persuasive.

Then Tracer, tiring of the talking, fires off a warning shot over the head of one of the thugs (a battered looking trandoshan). It triggers the fight, as Warrick Raden dives behind some crates and his allies open fire.

The Droid of Doom acts faster than anyone else, his targeting scopes locking onto a nearby thug and blasting him, taking the rodian out with a single shot. Tracer takes the second kill, ducking behind a corner for cover and exchanging fire with Warrick Raden and a couple of his men. As this is happening, Valdor calls out with some inspiring words he learnt at Diplomat School, invigorating his friends. With a snap-hiss Riddick activates his lightsabre and attacks one of the larger spider-like droids, cutting off the arm wielding the plasma cutter. Sparks flying, the droid swings its buzzing saw at the Padawan, but his lightsabre blocks the sweeping arm. The thugs and Warrick Raden fire away, all to no avail, missing each and every hero; even the remaining droid fails to get a strike in, despite leaping into the fray and attacking the Zabrak senator.

Then, for a space of several seconds, it seems that everyone is having trouble hitting; blaster fire burns holes in walls rather than people, droids fire and swing, missing their targets; only Valdor manages to hit, damaging the droid attacking him.

Tracer and Riddick both hit, but only the ex-clone trooper kills his opponent. Then Warrick Raden lands a hit on the clone, who takes a painful blast to his side. His retaliates by blasting the nearest enemy, the droid attacking Valdor. The rest of the combatants fire aimlessly, doing little but poking holes in the walls and floor.

The the tables turn on Warrick Raden and his men. In quick succession, the heroes take out the last droid, Tracer opens fire with a spray from his carbine, taking out another thug and injuring Warrick Raden; who surrenders. His remaining allies flee, and with a little persuasion and a touch of intimidation from the lightsabre wielding Padawan, Warrick Raden agrees to take them to Darga the Hutt.

The journey to the hidden palace takes but half-an-hour on Raden’s speeder, and a quick conversation with the guards gets everyone inside. The palace looks like it is cobbled together from scavenged parts, two buildings joined together, and has a dismal quality to it. Gamorrean guards watch over the heroes as they are led to the Hutt’s throne room, where an assortment of criminals and bounty hunters go silent as the heroes walk in.

Darga the Hutt is, at first, not too pleased that Warrick Raden has brought strangers to his palace, but after a quick and persuasive chat with Valdor the Hutt lets them stay, to see if they are worthy of being hired by him. In the meantime, Warrick Raden is taken away, for punishment later.

As the conversations recommence in the room, the heroes join in a small feast with the assorted courtiers, and are briefly introduced to Igren Demos, the Major Domo of the Hutt. Valdor and his Droid of Doom both notice that the Neimodian is paying close attention to them, and especially Riddick.

The feast ends when Warrick Raden is brought back in and via his protocol droid, Darga the Hutt informs Raden that he is to be executed, and that the heroes are to do the honours: they, naturally (although some are sorely tempted) decline, and instead suggest that he be punished in some other way. Darga agrees, but he seems not particularly happy and the heroes can’t help but feel that he is disappointed in them.

As night draws on and the guests settle down to sleep, the heroes bedding down in the adjacent room, they wonder what the morning will bring.

NOTE: The fight at the warehouse lasted five rounds, with a good half of that with everyone missing; only Tracer took any damage, from a lucky shot from Warrick.

Episode Two: Session Three
"Gladiators Ready!"

Day Two in the Palace…

…after a good night’s sleep, with some healing to cover the wounds taken from the warehouse fight, the heroes find themselves engaged with Darga’s taste in ‘entertainment’. Knowing that to learn anything they need to curry favour with the Hutt, the heroes take part as much as their allegiance allows.

The morning brings a series of gladiator fights, and when Darga asks if the heroes would like to prove how good they claim to be (with the idea that they want to join his organisation), the heroes agree to fight one of the Hutt’s top teams: a seemingly fearsome team of five foes, three gamorreans, a blaster carrying rodian, and a custom-made killer droid armed with a grenade launcher: the Karg Brothers, Zayda, and RX-7246.

High above the gladiator pit, Darga the Hutt presides over the beginning of the match, looking down on you with a slimy grin. Standing just to his left is the protocol droid translator, who relays the Hutt’s decree down to you: “Fight for the chance to be my personal gladiator team! Riches and fame for all who are strong enough to seize them!” With that, the Hutt blows a massive horn that echoes throughout the open gladiator pit. Dirt crunches underfoot, and flickering light shines on you from the lamps mounted around the perimeter.

And as his words die down, before the signal to fight is given, the melee begins when the Droid of Doom blasts away, aiming for the opposition’s droid; Tracer follows his lead, but sadly both miss.

The fighting is once again quick and ferocious, lasting a little over a minute as axes swing, lightsabres buzz and blaster bolts fly; along with a couple of deadly fragmentation grenades.

Zayda falls fairly quick, injured by Tracer, and then felled by the former Clone Trooper. The RV unit manages to seriously injure both Valdor and Tracer, but they remain standing and with Valdor’s skill at healing, both remain able to fight. The Droid of Doom blasts away, hitting and wounding the Brother Karg, and with a perfectly aimed shot manages to destroy RX-7246, scattering his smouldering parts all over the arena. Riddick finds himself in melee with the Karg Brothers again and again, their hefty axes falling short most times, and his lightsabre parrying blow-after-blow-after-blow; then his allies help, and in quick succession Tracer and the Droid of Doom take out the Brothers, knocking two unconscious, killing one.

Darga is impressed, more so because they didn’t kill all of his best team.

As the day draws on, in the afternoon Darga the Hutt announces it is time for the daily Droid Race: using special visor that connect a person to the droid/racing vehicle, the operator remotely controls a droid racer around a course set-up in the blood-stained arena. Once again, the Hutt asks the heroes if they would like to participate, and Valdor agrees.

A three-lap course, Valdor starts off behind two opponents, but just marginally ahead of Igren Demos. But then the droid controlled by an aggressive gamorrean, who rams Igren right out of the race, much to his annoyance. In the second lap, Valdor just pulls in the lead, and then ultimately wins by default when his two opponents decide to ram each other, and take themselves out of the race. Again, Darga finds it amusing and even goes so far as to reward Valdor a gaudy necklace worth a good 200 credits.

As evening approaches, several disgruntled slavers, of the small time Iron Ring, storm into the throne room, demanding to speak. Their Zabrak leader says: “The slaves you have been selling us are worthless, Darga! They have been dying before we can even get them to market. They are used
up—second-rate! I want my credits back for the last four shipments!”

As the Hutt argues, Tracer and Valdor both spot a twi’lek slave that came with the slavers, slipping poison in Darga’s drink: Valdor knocks the drink over, while Tracer shouts out what has just happened and alerts the Hutt. Darga the Hutt is angry, but very pleased that the heroes have just- maybe- saved his life; the slavers submit to the Hutt’s deal and slink away, scared of repercussions.

Now in the Hutt’s favour, the heroes are given their own guest rooms and after a feast, the palace goes to sleep.

And during the night…


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