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Ancient Self-Sustaining Droid Colony Found

On the planet Taris, an ancient self-sustaining Droid colony was discovered last month. Samples of the colony itself suggest that it dates back to before the Jedi Civil War when the planet-wide city was destroyed by orbital bombardment. It appears that the colony was built by a now-defunct experimental science corporation.

Upon entrance the colony AI welcomed the team with a cheerful feminine voice and offered up the scientific research it had been working on for the last few centuries including what it called a ‘neat gun’. It appears the colony was built to house refugees from the ecological nightmare Taris was becoming but it was lost during the Tarisian Civil War.

The discovery took a darker turn when the bodies of humans dating back to the Jedi Civil War were discovered inside the facility. Ancient datapads recovered with the bodies indicate that there was a multi-generational search to find the city by a group of outcasts fleeing the stench and rakghouls of the Undercity to which criminals were consigned. Another datapad kept by a man named Gendar (presumably the leader) reports that a mysterious man with a sword, a military man with two blaster pistols, and a young Twi’lek found the clues to find the City.

The Life Sciences consultant on the expedition insists that the disease and rakghouls themselves are a myth from a more primitive time, “The accounts refer to being bitten and then a period of convulsions lasting no more than a few seconds, followed by a flash of light and then a human is converted immediately into a rakghoul. There is no biological process that can account for such a rapid transformation. The story is a myth, pure and simple.”

The bodies of these refugees were believed to have been murdered by traps constructed by the AI itself. One body (identified by contents on the body as Igear) was found, presumably eviscerated. In his own blood on the wall he wrote, “She promised there would be cake!!!! Delicious and Moist Cake!!!! Where is the CAKE???”

The team is continuing it’s investigation and the AI has promised to allow them to stay as “It is obvious that there is much more science to do for the people who are still alive.”


Emperor Palpatine’s Moff Decree is Ratified by the Imperial Senate

With a three-fourth’s majority the Emperor’s reorganization of Sector Control has passed. The Emperor will now appoint Moffs to oversee all operations within each Sector of the Republic. The Moff will have military control over the Sector Fleet and will report to the Emperor’s staff. The Moff will also have the power to disband and remove seditious government’s within his sector in order to ensure peace.

Sate Pestage, Chancellor of the Senate, has praised the Emperor’s move and ensures that while Moffs may not be democratically elected the citizens of the Empire will still have senatorial representation to deal with their grievances.

Mon Mothma, the Senator from Chandrila, led the Coalition opposing ratification. They feel the move consolidates far too much military and political power into the hands of a few appointed beings. They also stated that the Moffs should be accountable to the Senate as well as the Emperor.

Sate Pestage responds: “The Emperor has proven himself trustworthy to the people of the Republic and this power will not be abused. We feel this new organization will prevent catastrophes such as the Trade Federation invasion of Naboo where the Senate is not able to move as quickly as a single individual.”

Cult of Dooku on the Rise

Fanatical followers of the Separatist leader Count Dooku insist that he is not dead and that he will reveal himself when his political ideas take seed again. The Cult has made Dooku into a hero of epic proportions, a Sith Lord with the interests of the galaxy as a whole in his heart.

We spoke with Del Montaron, a cult expert: “These ideas are ridiculous. The Empire has provided proof that Dooku was a Jedi who conspired with the Order to create a war and give the Jedi unprecedented military power. These religious nuts are always seeking out some figure they can idolize who is of course conveniently absent for scrutiny.”

Imperial Intelligence now believes the cult responsible for several terrorist acts including the theft of half a million credits on Bespin last year, the murder of an Imperial Officer, and an attack on an unarmed passenger liner that was narrowly repulsed by a squadron of elite pilots from the Star Destroyer Assiduous. Anyone with information on this group’s activities should contact their local Imperial representative immediately.


The Concert of the Winds will take place this month on Vortex. Based around an intricate musical structure/instrument called the Cathedral of the Wind, the Cathedral is opened once a year at the changing of the seasons to allow the winds to blow through it. This creates an amazing sequence of musical sounds that is has so far been impossible to reproduce with any other instument.

The native Vors have insisted that the concert will not take place this year unless the Emperor curbs his excesses but this is believed to be a publicity stunt and thousands have already booked tickets to Vortex.


Spot Inspection of Zel Sonn Station finds bodies

With the temporary shutdown of one of the station’s reactors, a crew went into the reactor shaft for a safety inspection. The group found at least 4 bodies caught on part of a grill that did not completely retract. It is possible that more were not caught and were incinerated. Unfortunately identification of the bodies is impossible at this point so investigators are unsure if this was murder, suicide, or a series of accidents.

A concerned parents organization has founded itself called MAHIG (Mothers Against Holes In the Ground) and are insisting that railings and other safety features be installed around reactor shafts before their children fall in. The administrator of the facility pointed out that all the reactor shafts are all in restricted areas and that any parent who lets their children play there is an idiot.


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HoloNews 2

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