Inquisitor Draco

He’s Alive!
Last seen with cybernetic enhancements, alive and well, escorting Denia onto an Imperial shuttle. No doubt this is not the last the heroes will see of him.

Echoes of the Jedi
The Heroes finally met Draco face-to-face, and defeated him with a combination of auto-fire and Jedi skills. He was last seen falling, unconscious and presumed dead, into the chasm.

Inquisitor Valin Draco

Nearly 2 meters tall, with closely cropped hair and a lantern jaw, Valin Draco looks every bit the heroic Jedi he once was. The former Padawan of Master Denia, Jedi Draco, the “Valiant Dragon,” embraced his role as a Republic commander in the Clone Wars wholeheartedly. However, at
some point during the conflict, his heady determination to defeat the Separatist threat evolved into something pernicious, and he turned to the dark side.

Draco was thought lost in the chaotic Battle of Parein II 4, but he emerged after the Clone Wars as one of the new Empire’s Jedi hunters. Left for dead and stranded on Parein II’s fourth moon, a weakened Draco was stalked by a nighthunter. Ultimately, Draco subdued the beast in a vicious confrontation, but not before the creature bit off his left thumb and clamped its massive fangs down around his throat. Draco has since replaced the missing thumb with a cybernetic substitute, while masking the glaring scars around his neck with the high collar of his Inquisitor’s

Draco arrived in the Cularin system in the Imperial I-class Star Destroyer Assiduous, accompanied by a Lictor-class Imperial dungeon ship, Revelator. However, unable to traverse the comet field in the vessel, Draco and his entourage made the journey to Almas in a Theta-class shuttle, tucked safely away at what’s left of the Forard spaceport.

After the destruction of the Shackles of Nizon, as the heroes fled the Bespin system, a message was beamed to them:

The image on the screen resolves to show the bridge of the Star Destroyer Assiduous. Standing before the viewscreen is a darkly handsome man wearing long, flowing robes. The hilt of a lightsabre hangs from his belt.

“My sensor operators tell me that your ship will be far enough from Bespin to jump to hyperspace before I can reach you. I congratulate you on your victory here, but know this: the Inquisitorius never rests. My name is Valin Draco, and I will find you and make you pay for meddling here. You may have bested that slimy Hutt, but I can assure you that the affections of an Inquisitor
are not so gentle.”

Some more information has come to light with regard to the Inquisitor, from an overheard conversation with Igren Demos:

As you make your way up the winding secret passage, the dank smell of the dungeons fades, and the acrid smell of Darga’s throne room again becomes prevalent. Just as the passage turns and opens
up into the massive audience chamber, you see Darga’s Neimoidian majordomo bowing deeply before the holographic image of a tall man dressed in dark robes with a lightsaber hanging at his belt.

“The Hutt has fled aboard his personal yacht,” Demos says respectfully.

“I am on my way now, with the Assiduous,” the hologram of the handsome man says. “Pray that you have not summoned the Empire on a fool’s errand, for the Inquisitorius is not gentle with those who deal with Jedi.”

The hologram fades, and the Neimoidian straightens slowly, looking pale.

Little is known about Inquisitor Draco, some from this message that was discovered at the facility on Felucian:

Priority 1 Message Follows:
Prepare former Admiral Gilder Varth for transfer to the Citadel.
Inquisitor Draco will be arriving within a standard Felucian
day/night cycle to take custody of the prisoner. You are instructed
to have your medical technicians ensure that Varth is fully rested
and at his highest possible strength.
Interrogation chemicals should be administered to Varth upon
notification that the Inquisitor has arrived on Felucia. Varth will be
transferred by shuttle to the Assiduous before Inquisitor Draco takes
custody. Time from administration of interrogation chemicals to
transfer to the Inquisitor’s personal transport should fall within an
acceptable window of 27 to 54 minutes.

Inquisitor Draco

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