Lieutenant Arman Arendis

Officer human

Lt. Arandis wears his Imperial uniform during the tournament, and each day it looks crisp, clean, and neatly pressed. He is young, perhaps not long out of the Imperial Academy, and his cool gaze is disrupted only by a long scar that cuts diagonally across his face, starting at one temple, crossing his right eye, and ending at his upper lip. Lt. Arandis is the picture of Imperial discipline, and he is also an excellent gambler.

After a chat at one of the tables, Arandis opens up to the heroes:

What is an Imperial officer doing playing in the Cloud City Sabacc Tournament? “Sabacc is a game of skill, but also one of luck. Much as in battle, best-laid plans can go awry due to random elements. Unfortunately, my fellow shipmates have ceased to be a challenge for me, so I requested leave to come play in the tournament in hopes of seeing how I fare against the rest of the galaxy.”

How long have you been playing sabacc? “I just learned the game a little over a year ago, in the Academy. My Tactics instructor used sabacc analogies frequently to illustrate his points, so I sought out the game.”

What do you think of the competition? “Not much.”

What ship are you posted on? “I am a tactical officer aboard the Imperial I-class Star Destroyer the Assiduous. We are on special assignment duty, based out of Prakith.”

Are any other Imperial officers with you? “No. My fellow crewmen have little appreciation for the game.”

Lieutenant Arman Arendis

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