Star Wars: Dawn of Defiance

Episode One: Session Five

The heroes decide to take out the medical bay first, hoping to find some healing packs inside. They cover both doors and open them at the same time, to reveal a mad Imperial scientist, a hostile 2-1B Medical Droid and two mutated and very aggressive felucian natives, with bone-blades protruding from what is left of their arms.

Tracer immediately takes out the scientist, before he can raise the alarm. A well-placed shot takes the mad man down. Valdor takes care of the droid, blowing it to pieces, and as the others engage the mutants with lightsabre and blaster fire, a hiss of opening turbo-lift doors announces the presence of a squad of four Strormtroopers that arrive on scene and hail for the intruders to surrender.

As Riddick takes care of the mutants, with a little help from the others, Tracer and the strangely named Droid of Death exchange fire with a pair of troopers, with with hits taken; but both troopers go down. Then Valdor lobs a grenade, taking out part of the turbo-lift and one of the troopers.

The last trooper retaliates by throwing his own grenade, wounding the heroes, but is quickly chased down and cut down by Riddick.

After looting the medical bay (and taking some healing stimulants), they advance on the prison. Valdor uses his expertise to unlock the door, and as soon as they are opened a pair of detention guards open fire, and a pair of stun-clawed warden droids trundle out and attack.

The fight is over quickly, with the hum and slice of a lightsabre accompanying the sounds of blaster fire and another grenade. Passing the bodies, the heroes release the prisoners: the Imperial Admiral Varth, as well as three smugglers. They arm them all, and together they head for the exit: only to discover that their way out is guarded, their guide dead, a heavy patrol outside.

A quick communication to the Banshee alerts the Captain to their predicament, and she arranges to fly in and pick them off of the roof of the facility. In three minutes time.

They then rig the explosive device into the communications centre, timing it to go off two minutes after they have been picked up. Wasting no more time, they enter the lifts and proceed to the second floor, where the command centre is: there they encounter Captain Vischera and his two mutant bodyguards. He barely has time to tell the heroes they are doomed, before Tracer takes him out with a well-aimed shot.

Then the mutants wade in, their blades cutting deeply. Riddick falls, and it is only his strength in the force that keeps him alive. With the prisoners help, the mutants fall soon after.

Then everyone heads to the roof, boards the Banshee and they speed off into space, and escape into hyperspace.

Captain Okeefe takes them to a rendezvous point, where they dock with a brand new Nebulon-B Frigate called the Resurgence. There they are debriefed and offered permanent accommodation and on-going work as agents for House Organa.

The heroes accept, and so ends Episode One.

NOTES: All the prisoners escaped with the help of the heroes; only Riddick went down, and a force point prevented his death. The PCs advanced to Level 3, ready for Episode Two.


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